The Top 3 Plantronics Wireless Headsets

Buying wireless headsets is a decision that needs to be based on various key factors. One of them is definitely the quality of features that the headset has. Only reputed branded companies have the ability to produce high standard wireless headsets. Plantronics is one of these companies and the user can trust it in a complete manner. Here are the top 3 wireless headsets produced by this reputed company.

Plantronics Voyager Legend CS:

There is no doubt that this is a high-quality headset and users consider it for both professional and personal purposes. The Voyager Legend CS has everything that users seek in a quality wireless headset. Some of the key features are listed below.

This headset undoubtedly provides an unbelievable level of call quality. Whether you use it while you are driving on your way home or taking a call on your official phone, you would simply be impressed with the offered audio quality.

This headset can be used for personal and professional purposes without any problem. You can use it to take calls while you are on the move, taking official calls at work, attending a conference call or even attending your personal call at home, the Voyager Legend CS is a headset that can be used for all these purposes.

If your wireless headset does not have a healthy standby time, you have totally wasted your money. The Voyager Legend CS is definitely not a disappointment in this relation. This headset offers an incredible continuous talk time of 7 hours and a standby time of 11 hours. In other words, users do not have to worry about connecting the headset to the charger every now and then.

The Voyager Legend CS puts the user in a very comfortable position and he does not have to worry about checking the headset for battery power or getting worried about missing any call. This headset is equipped with smart sensors that provide alarms about everything. For instance, if your battery is running out of power, you would know about it automatically.

Using a headset that has a complicated system to answer calls and perform other similar tasks can be a problem. The users of Voyager Legend CS do not have to go through any such problem. There is a simple set of controls to answer calls and the buttons are located in a convenient position as well.

This Plantronics Wireless Headset has quality Bluetooth connectivity and the device can be configured with mobile phones and wireless devices as well. This allows you to take your calls even when you are driving and your mobile phone is away from you.

Plantronics Voyager Edge:

The Plantronics Voyager has everything that users look forward to in a dependable wireless headset. Some of the key features of this headset are listed below.

A high standard noise cancellation feature is highly important if you plan to take calls on your wireless headset without any disturbance. A lot of headsets do not support this feature but with the Voyager Edge, you do not need to worry about sounds entering your ear. The headset has a state of the art noise cancellation feature that blocks all kinds of background sounds.

Most users seek hearing devices that make their life easier and more convenient. The Voyager Edge undoubtedly fulfills this requirement. Through the voice command feature, you can entertain your calls without pressing any button. Similarly, there is a smart assistant that keeps alarming about certain things including the power running out. Along with that, this headset can be synced with your contacts and you can determine the name of the caller without looking at your phone.

In terms of call quality and audio standard, the Voyager Edge is a simple delight. You do not have to face call distortions or any similar issue when you taking your calls.

If you have an incoming call and you are listening to a music file at the same time, the file will be paused and then resumed after you are done with your call. You do not have to stop the file manually and then entertain the call.

Voyager Edge UC:

The Voyager Edge UC is another high standard headset that is highly dependable. It is a smart headset that can be used for professional and personal purposes.

The standard of connectivity offered by this headset is quite impressive. In other words, call quality does not get dropped whether you are on the move or near your phone.

The headset is equipped with a powerful voice command system. Now, you do not have to look at your phone to check who is calling you. All you need to do is answer or decline the call through voice commands. This proves to be a productive option when you are driving or performing any other tasks where you cannot look at your phone.

The headset is lightweight and offered an unbelievable level of comfort as well. You can wear it for the entire day without feeling any weight. For people who take calls while driving, walking or being on the move, the Voyager Edge UC would prove to be highly comfortable. It is not one of the headsets which make users tired when they wear it for the entire day. You can sit in a relaxed position and use this headset without facing any kind of inconvenience.

It is hard to find a headset that is moisture resistant. However, with the Voyager SE, you do not have to be worried about your headset losing color due to moisture or any liquid falling on it. The headset has nano coating which prevents it from being discolored. In an overall manner, if you are looking for a lightweight wireless headset that has impressive call quality and is equipped with the latest technological features, this is one option that you need to look at. This hearing device has an economical price and it offers some of the most advanced features to the user.


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