The Top SEO Tools Marketers Want in 2019

Whenever we requested marketers what tools these were intending to use within 2019, we received greater than 70 responses with as many tools. They vary wildly from market and keyword research, site audits, backlink analysis, and content ideation to scheduling, testing, editing, link-building, outreach, and e-mail marketing. And that’s simply to name a couple of.

While there's no universal tool that serves every possible requirement for every marketer in the world-and, to be certain, the best tool frequently depends upon the job at hands-the aim is often exactly the same: driving increased traffic and conversions.

If you be evaluating your personal toolkit, 70 is definitely an overwhelming quantity of options, is it not? Therefore we trimmed that list lower for you personally. Here’s a closer inspection at most popular tools marketers say they’ll use within next season.

A competitive intelligence tool, like…


Probably the most frequently reported tools was SEMrush, the marketing suite that enables users to judge their content and competitors alike having a sizable keyword database and backlink analysis tool, among additional features.

“It can evaluate your site on the full scale from SEO to SEM, content marketing, backlinks, SERP ranking, and social networking,” stated Shelby Liu, SEO analyst at branding agency Brand Buddha. “The tool works seamlessly with Google Docs, Google Analytics, and Search Console to be able to fine-tune relevant keywords and make fresh content that keeps your company up-to-date.”
 Certainly one of its greatest selling points is the opportunity to see what competition is ranking for.

“Simply incorperate your URL, and you may find competitors that you simply didn’t know you'd, which could provide numerous possibilities for improvement,” stated Eileen McGovern, search coordinator at Search engine optimization company Efferent Media.

Chris Hornak, who owns blog writing service Blog Hands, pointed to SEMrush’s Subject Research Tool as the second favorite, that they stated helps develop data-driven content.

Brenton Marcum, internet marketing specialist at website design and internet marketing agency Blue Compass, agreed, saying SEMrush influences “our keyword technique for writing copy for blogs, articles, websites, and much more for the business and our clients.”

This, consequently, ensures they can make “strategic and purposeful content audiences are trying to find, allowing our articles to become discovered,” to earn more organic traffic, and, ultimately, to win conversions, he stated.


Also towards the top of marketers’ SEO Tools lists for 2019: Ahrefs, which, like SEMrush, offers SEO and backlink analysis.

“While have lots of overlap, both have unique quirks which make them valuable,” stated Chris Hornyak, editor and Search engine optimization analyst at internet marketing firm The Information Factory. “In my experience, SEMrush is commonly better with regards to market and keyword research and technical analysis between domains, while Ahrefs is commonly better at analyzing backlinks.”

Syed Irfan Ajmal, growth marketing manager at ridesharing blog Ridester, agreed Ahrefs includes a bigger database of backlinks, while Hornyak noted Ahrefs’ keyword data “tends to become a tad better.”

Ahrefs features its own competitive analysis tool, which Cody Slingerland, who owns Search engine optimization content agency Jawfish Digital, stated is “great for analyzing competitor or competing content and identifying keyword possibilities to focus on.”

Actually, Search engine optimization and content marketing consultant Mike Ballinger stated it’s the only real compensated tool he makes use of.

“It does everything I want-market and keyword research and tracking, competitor analysis, content ideation and, now, site audits,” he stated. “I live and die because of it.” 
SEO Tools 2019 Ahrefs
And Jon Hayes, general marketer at Authority Hacker, a strong that states it will help boost site authority, stated, while Ahrefs comes confined, its “commitment to expanding features has eclipsed its competitors, offering everything we want in a single tidy package instead of dealing with multiple different platforms.”


For his part, Oz Chowdhury, project/marketing manager at digital agency Powerphrase, stated he's purchasing Search engine optimization platform Serpstat for similar reasons.

Atanas Valchev of website design studio Pixus will, too, while he stated it provides features he has not seen combined before, including rank distribution, historic data for rankings, and backlink analysis.

“The good thing is the tool collects data 24 hours a day, every day,” Valchev added. 

A website crawler, like…

Screaming Frog

United kingdom search engine marketing agency Screaming Frog-and it is Search engine optimization Spider tool particularly-seemed to be a well known choice.

Named after “a frog that was up by itself after being cornered by two cats,” its SEO crawling tool, these SEO Spider, is built to be utilised by SEOs to gather data, identify intricacies, and supply basics for onsite Search engine optimization recommendations. 
Best SEO Tools 2019 Screaming Frog

 “A Screaming Frog audit shows all elements on the site, meta information, status codes and a lot of technical information including canonicals, nofollow/noindex, plus much more,” McGovern stated.

She pointed to the opportunity to create fully customizable XML sitemaps and image XML sitemaps like a particularly valuable feature.

“In age ecommerce and image search, a picture XML could be invaluable,” she added.

Jim Milan, communications and Search engine optimization manager at store Auto Accessories Garage, stated his favorite feature is Screaming Frog’s Link Score, that makes it simpler to recognize whenever a page doesn't have enough link equity.

“If a specific page isn't ranking well, we are able to evaluate its Link Score and compare it to similar pages on our website which are ranking well to find out whether it requires more internal or exterior links created to it,” he added.


Additionally to Screaming Frog, Cooper Hollmaier, technical Search engine optimization manager at internet marketing agency Visiture, stated he's had “great success” in making use of tools like Sitebulb to help ease workload.

Per McGovern, it “offers lots of value” for agencies with lots of clients.

Additionally to listing internal pages as well as their status codes, in addition to meta information, duplicate content issues, internal and exterior links and header information, she stated Sitebulb provides details about anchor-text, content readability, and top linked pages, plus a crawl map with linked pages-and Sitebulb presents all this in “an easily digestible visual format.”
SEO Tools 2019 Audit Overview

 Actually, Hornyak stated, “In 2018, I fell deeply in love with Sitebulb.”

That’s while he stated it will help find out specifics about how exactly a website has been indexed and should there be any intricacies lurking underneath the surface.

“While I'd formerly used Screaming Frog with this particular kind of work, Sitebulb presently has me,” he added. (Although he seemed to be quick to notice both tools “are very, excellent, and it is nearly what tool works well with you.”)

However, McGovern stated Sitebulb drawbacks include file discussing and audit comparisons.

A backlink tool, like…


Majestic says it has the planet’s largest link index database, including nearly 487 billion unique URLs crawled from August to December 2018 alone. It enables users to understand more about URLs at length, in addition to determine backlinks and gauge search score.

Marcus Miller, mind of Search engine optimization and internet marketing in the United kingdom agency Bowler Hat, stated it's his go-to link index for competitor research and finding possibilities in almost any given space.

Which includes commercial cargo.

“It is going to be very useful for analyzing backlinks and working out whether you should be approaching certain websites for link acquisition. We are able to enter our competitor’s website, and it'll provide us with an entire listing of every site that’s linking for them. After that, we are able to discover which links we've the chance to duplicate,” stated Christoph Seitz, co-who owns commercial cargo shipper CFR Rinkens. “It offers great suggestions for the way we can improve our very own strategy.”
“All you need to do is enter a couple of of the competitor’s websites, and it'll demonstrate other websites that connect to them but haven’t really associated with you yet,” he added. “This is an extremely effective approach to unearthing new possibilities for link building.”

A link-building tool, like…


 BuzzStream is web-based software that can help marketers advertise their products, services, and happy to build links and, since it's name implies, buzz.

Ballinger stated he’s likely to test BuzzStream to find out if it time saving in email outreach.


Help A Reporter Out, or HARO, is yet another free service marketers stated they'll make use of in 2019.

It's a sourcing tool for journalists, it helps brands find possibilities to become quoted on relevant topics.

“HARO is ideal for us when it comes to building relations with journalists and bloggers and becoming individuals high authority mentions and backlinks from large and mainstream publications,” Ajmal stated.

Shelby Rogers, content marketing manager at cms Solodev, agreed, noting she used the service included in a bigger link-building strategy, which led to a ten-fold rise in organic traffic.
“HARO was a terrific way to build links and establish authority, specifically for Google,” she stated. “It also brought to many excellent partnerships between niche industry publications. Reporters have arrived at out straight to us several occasions to obtain our company’s input, and individuals the relationship has done a great deal to establish us as trustworthy voices within CMS and web design.”

Free tools from Google, like…

Search Console, Lighthouse

Miller stated one frequently overlooked-and free-tool is Google, that they known as “a treasure chest of knowledge.”

“Want to discover who or what ranks for the search phrases? Google it. See what Bing is rewarding. Review individuals results hard,” he stated. “Review the companies and also the websites hard … and find out what you could learn.”

Also, he pointed to Search Console, a totally free service that enables webmasters to determine the number of individuals are visiting their sites, the way they found them, which pages are most widely used and whether readers are on mobile or desktop. Search Console likewise helps find and connect site errors.

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