The Whats, The Whys, and The Hows of HDMI Cables

Open up the gallery of your smartphone, computer, or tablet and you will come across plenty of pictures that have conquered the space in your device. Apart from the pictures, you will come across several videos that take up space on the devices. However, not all of these videos would be enjoyable and of good quality. And the best way to get better quality out of these videos is to make use of USB to HDMI adapter.

If you search for HDMI adapters near me, you are sure to find several companies that provide these accessories online. Apart from the adapter, you would just need a USB Port, HDMI cable and the two devices you wish to want to connect. As we go ahead in this article, we will provide you with all the information you need for setting things up. However, before we understand how this set up would work, let us try to understand the difference between HDMI and USB Cables.

Understanding the Difference

Although USB to HDMI adapters enable you to store and see videos between different devices, there are several attributes that make them different from each other. As USB technology allows devices like computer hardware and computers to connect, it enables users to link devices like Blu Ray, DVD players, computers and gaming consoles. One of the major purposes of USB to HDMI Adapters is to let you experience the best of both the devices.

Advantages of HDMI

The best part about HDMI is that it provides users with benefits that users couldn't get before its introduction. It helps the users to connect several HD devices using which they can transfer visual and audio data without the utility of multiple cables. HDMI connections also provide users with superior quality viewing as they do not compromise the data by compressing it. If you can get all of these benefits from HDMI and USB, you can mull over the considerations you need to make while selecting an adapter that serves as an intermediary.

Things to Consider while Selecting a USB and HDMI Adapter

Usually, this cables are effective until 50 feet distance. Some new HDMI cables have come up that also work at long distances with the help of HDMI signal extenders that help in extending the distance. However, these accessories have provided mixed results. And this is when USB to HMI adapter can come to your rescue. So, the first thing you need to consider while selecting HDMI adapters is their potential to handle high resolutions above 1080p and 7.1 channel surround sound audio. Some companies also provide a lifetime warranty on these cables.

Connecting USB to HDMI Adapter

To start with making the connection, you need to insert one end of HDMI cable into port on your TV or the device on which you want to see your picture. Thereafter, you need to put the opposite end of HDMI cable in the port of USB to HDMI adapter. The next step is to insert the USB cable into USB in the port of the adapter.

In case your adapter has a built-in USB cable, you don't need to do this. Last but not least, you need to plug your USB connection in your computer or a gadget on which you have stored your videos and pictures.

How to Tell If the Quality of HDMI is Good?

All the HDMI cables are not equal. Even if the manufacturers say so. You can clearly make out the difference between low-quality and superior quality cables. To understand if you have paid the right amount for high-quality HDMI, you must analyze your requirements first.

Although you cannot really make out the difference between the picture quality of two HDMIs, if you make use of large displays that have big resolutions, you would understand the benefits that a high high-speed cable offers. Let's say your LCD monitor has 720p resolution. In this case, it will not be able to use the potential of high-speed HDMI cables.


With the help of a USB to HDMI adapter, you would be able to sit back, relax and enjoy videos without any interruptions. Over the past few years, HDMI has given us several options. And those, if merged with powerful accessories like USB can render you with great results! Looking for HDMI cables and adapter? Search with the term HDMI adapter near me and you are sure to find the right option for yourself!

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