Think outside the box — 4 niche businesses making their mark

When you want to make a splash in the world of business, filling a gap in the market with special products and services provides you with a ready-made Unique Selling Proposition (USP).

Businesses using this model can cover the entire service spectrum — with offerings that range from quirky and creative to highly technical.

So if you’re struggling to think outside the box for your enterprise, here are four niche businesses making their mark.


Several clothing brands have sold high-quality socks over the years and when you pay a premium for a designer pair, it’s even more frustrating to lose one.

But Throx hits that customer pain point precisely by including three socks as standard in each purchased unit and a variety of kooky designs for men and women alike.

Their simple innovation has gained considerable traction on mainstream media in the US, while trendy pop art branding makes products stand out on the shelves and on social media.

So solving an age-old problem is one way to make your mark in an existing market — if you can think of something similar, you might be onto a winner.


Before technology democratised personalised design, bespoke greetings cards were too expensive for most consumers to consider.

But Dragons Den star Nick Jenkins started to develop Moonpig in the late 90s to bring personalised cards to the masses.

It took 11 years of planning for Nick to eventually launch the business, but it’s now the go-to service for people looking for a last-minute card with a unique touch.

Personalisation can effectively convert a simple card to a coveted gift and Moonpig are regarded as the original and best service by many customers in a market that’s naturally attracting competitors.


Portable heaters can be prized pieces of kit in countries with changeable climates like the UK.

And niche provider Arcotherm provides brand new and refurbished models for a variety of sectors including agriculture, construction, events and warehouses.

Heaters are especially important for keeping guests warm at marquee wedding receptions, fetes and sports events and promoting this type of business to events managers and hotel chains is a lucrative income stream.

So selling high quality specialist markets to a clearly-defined clientele is one way of sustaining a successful business.

Fake Faces

When you need a little star appeal for a birthday party or promotional event, but don’t have the required little black contact book, a lookalike agency is the next best thing.

And Fake Faces allows you to order celebrity doppelgangers online from the comfort of your own home.

So if the thought of having Del Boy flip bangers at your barbecue or Simon Cowell presiding over your office karaoke sounds like fun, look no further.

This is an excellent example of a business that’s both weird and wonderful.

These four niche businesses have made their mark in completely different sectors — but they all display the brand value of originality.

What’s your favourite niche brand? Share your thoughts in the comments section.

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