This Black Friday - Black Out Your Traditional Invoice Design

Any business or freelancer aims to achieve great sales targets and profits in each quarter. Especially during the festive times such as of Black Friday or Christmas sale. Many factors play a significant role in achieving that goal. Some of the factors are web presence, quotation, smart team, quality products and marketing materials.
Do you think something is missing in the above mentioned factors that contributes to the success of a firm?

Yes, it is Invoice. Generally, companies underestimate the importance of a good invoice template. It can help your business stand out from the competition, as it gives you an opportunity to again extend the brand of your company and come across as professional. Unique invoice design is also one of the key medium to communicate with your customer and increase trust. For example: Add a “Special Notes” section in invoice template. Here you can add a personalised message for a particular client, which will appear on the invoice itself.

While creating a custom invoice which segments would you focus more on for?  Answer to that is listed below.

  • Header
  • Footer
  • Colors
  • Fonts
  • Logo

The following are some of the advantages of customized invoices:

  • Creates a brand value
  • Increase trust and reliability factor of a client
  • May reduce hiring cost of employees
  • Establishes consistency and standardization

Need a convincing tool which can help you achieve all the above features?

The answer to this is Odoo 10 edit invoice template. It offers you with the premium functions to customize invoice template. User can easily create and distribute custom invoices based on client firm. Odoo templates can further be customized in terms of font, font size, your company logo, text colors and many more settings.

Another key document where you need to establish your business presence is Quotation document. Along with invoices are you struggling in making quotations for each client?. Opt for odoo quotation templates to create custom quotations. Sales manager can prepare quotation templates for products and services. Different parameters like discount, currencies, company logo etc. can be configured with ease.
Applying such enhancements in quotation and invoice will digitalize your company processes and help to win client trust.  

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