Every app owner wants to make money with their mobile app but lacks strategies? Many of our customers come and ask us we want to make money with the app but we ask them their plans to make money, they say nothing. In this technology era, earning money through mobile app is easier. Building app is not just for entertainment. Building app is for business, you can earn money from your mobile apps. There are many top mobile application development company in India, USA, and UK who have helped their clients for app monetization, we at FuGenX are one among them. Here are tips and tricks to make money with mobile apps.

Use surveys within your app

Many marketer and business are looking for people to share their knowledge and feedback. So insert ads by conducting surveys through mobile apps. Your app can make money for having your user take survey.

Freemium for apps

This is not just most popular app monetization strategy but also the most revenue generating one. Freemium apps are used free of charge to the user with limited number of features. You can offer premium or extra feature to add into the app that require the user to pay to use it.

CPI (Cost Per Install)

CPI is the latest marketing mechanism in mobile technology. In this method, you will allow others pop up ads on apps and games in your app. That means you will be paid every time someone install the app.

Get Sponsorship

Another method to earn money is getting sponsorship for your app. A sponsorship generally involves partnership of big brand, which owns the entire ad space on your app for certain period of time. You can charge the sponsor for monthly or annum basis. It is possible when you get good number of downloads or active users for your app.

In-app purchase
This is a common way of monetization strategy. In-app allow user to purchase and unlock the features, for example, purchasing coins in games or a game application may offer the user to skip a particularly difficult level. You can easily start earning enormous amounts of revenue.


Have a plan to develop a mobile app for earning money?

If yes, FuGenX can help you. FuGenX Technologies is one of customer-centric mobile application development in India. They are delivering quality-driven app development services in India, USA, UK and across Middle East. FuGenX is also one of the emerging Android application development company India.


Reach FuGenX at fugenx.com for world-class mobile app development services to make money.

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