Tips for a small business owner to be a leader

Small businesses are unique in the way they need to run. While most business courses focus on the larger companies, many small business owners have to figure out how to lead in situations that are not always covered in textbooks. 

They work with a small group that has to run smoother than what business classes normally cover. There are tips to be had. There are classes to take. The best teacher is usually always experience, though. Small business owners carry most of the economy on their backs and are the ones that need a chance at succeeding. Here are a few tips to help with that.

Teamwork is key

A small business owner has to build a team that can deal with any contingency. The right people need to be brought in, not just folks that the owner grew up with. There has to be chemistry. All of this needs to be checked on. The owner is the leader of the team, not a plain member. The leader has to know when to grow the team and when to cull it. They have to know how to get the best out of the team. There has to be a formula made to include everyone brought in. That takes leadership.

Delegation is a must

A small business owner must learn to delegate. Many try to do as much as they can, but that can wear them out. Leaders must know their own boundaries, just as they need to know the boundaries of their employees. Delegation is key to making sure that work gets done. It is also key to making sure that everyone feels like they belong. Leadership is knowing how to deal with making sure that people are feeling like they are contributing without feeling like everything is on their shoulders. An owner has to know that they hired the correct people for the job and then let them do the job.

Communication to all

A small business must have communication with everyone. That means that the owner must know how to get everyone talking and keep them doing so. Being able to talk will sell a crossover SUV and empower an employee. A spoken word is a powerful tool. Running a meeting is a skill that needs to be acquired, as well. It is not just about speaking ability, but also keeping everyone's attention. Every employee must be aware of what is going on. The team must have communication and talking is how.

Small business leadership about knowing how to keep the team moving forward. The leader has to be able to delegate. They must also be able to keep communication lines open. These are parts of a task that people have been able to do for centuries. They just do not teach it as much as they should. The small business owner is the center of a small universe that is constantly evolving. The owner has to be able to keep their team going through all of it.        

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Comment by Joy Dunlap on July 19, 2019 at 6:43am

What a great tips! They will be very helpful to me and other young businessmen and women. Thanks for that article. 


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