Tips For Entrepreneurs To Go To Sleep After A Hectic Day

Hello everyone happy Wednesday, and this time I'm going to talk about one of the most important things that will have a big impact on your success. This is getting the proper amount of rest each night. If you don't get enough sleep you are doing yourself a disservice. I know that a lot of you are really busy and you may find yourself working on projects early in the morning. I know how you feel because I often get so immersed with a project such as writing a blog post or coming up with new ideas.

The next thing you know is that it's 4am in the morning and you have a flight to catch at 7am for a meeting. That only leaves you with 1-2 hours of sleep before you have to head to the airport and the lack of rest isn't a good start to your day. The main problem here is that the busy entrepreneur doesn't get enough sleep due to constantly working and being overloaded with tasks. Research has shown that lack of sleep can decrease productivity, cause irritability, and even lead to insomnia and health problems.

For more information about the effects of lack of sleep checkout this link I will now explain how you can get more sleep at night after you have had a hectic day of traveling and meetings. The first tip is to stop drinking coffee 6 to 8 hours before bedtime. Coffee has been shown to stay in your system for upto to 10 hours. More information on that topic can be found here

If you drink it late in the day it can interfere with your sleep which can disturb your sleep patterns. Having too much caffeine (5 cups or more) during the day can give you the "jitters" and this can increase stress as well as anxiety. Taking a shower before bed is another good sleep hack you can use to prepare your body for sleep. A hot shower is very calming, but also raises your body temperature. Once your body cools off after your shower, you will begin to feel drowsy.

The effect of lowering your body temperature is that it will be easier to fall and stay asleep. Avoid exercising late at night if you can. When you workout, it increases your energy which gets the blood flowing and the muscles moving. Unfortunately this added energy can prevent you from relaxing and getting a good night's sleep. Creating a soothing sleepenvionmentou will be able to go to bed with the least amount of effort.

Try to keep your room cool 60-68F in order to feel as comfortable as possible. If the temperature of your room is below 54 F or above 75 F sleeping can become more difficult. Make sure your room is dark by closing your shades to block street lights if you live in the city. Invest in getting a white noise machine for your room as well.

The beauty of white noise is that it masks external sounds like a dog barking, traffic or loud individuals outside. Soothing sounds that will help you fall asleep are sounds of nature such as rain, a brook, a jungle etc. Finally avoid drinking alcohol before bedtime. While having a drink or two will make you fall asleep faster, it will be harder for you to stay asleep.

This is because alcohol raises your body temperature. Not to mention if you drink too much you might have a nasty hangover when you wake up which isn't fun. The hardest habit I had to break was relying on coffee everyday to stay awake while only getting 4-5 hours of sleep a night. An hour after I drank a cup of coffee I got a surge of energy and I was really focused on whatever task I was doing. I would have a total of 4-5 cups of coffee of day sometimes pushing 6 cups. This wasn't healthy and I did experience some side effects.

I would always crash at around 4pm when I had a lot of work to do. This was the worst time for this to happen so I drink another cup of coffee so I could have enough energy to continue working. This would lead to another night of little or no sleep at all. I eventually broke the habit because if I didn't have my health I couldn't work.

Don't try to do this for a long period of time or at all, it isn't very sustainable and eventually your body will let you know. I hope that you got something out of this article and by using the tips above, you will be more rested and productive. This will give you the drive to tackle your business goals with the added benefit of your mood and possibly your health improving. Let me know how this article has impacted you and leave a comment below. Feel free to join my community(The Jawann Fitness Exercise & Health Community on Facebook) if you want even more tips and also checkout my page on Facebook Jawann Fitness for motivational posts, articles and videos.

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