Tips from Professionals on How to Get Amazon SEO Right


Given its popularity, Amazon is not a site that any seller on the internet can readily ignore. However, it is the very same popularity that makes the job of boosting product visibility by a seller very tough; with the number of products inching towards 500 million, the scale of the problem is easy to understand. Some useful SEO tips that can help you to boost your Amazon product ranking:


Using the Right Keywords


The Amazon search function lists products if and only if it encounters all the terms in your product listing. This makes searches very specific. The search engine takes into account the information contained in the various fields describing the product. These include the title, description, enumeration, terms used in the search, retailer name, and product attributes, including the brand, color, shape, etc. If you are unsure about what the potential search terms could be, then you could see what Google suggests or any of the keyword research tools like Google Keyword Planner.Also, compare KeywordInspectorvs.JungleScout to decide which one you can use.


Make Correct Use of Search Terms


You need to go to ‘Seller Central’ on Amazon to access ‘Search Terms’, and enter the relevant search terms. You can enter multiple terms in each of the fields with just a space separator. There is no need to repeat the terms already used in the product title or description. The order of the terms and the use of capital and small letters have no significance. You can get more search volumes if you use colloquial terms rather than technical ones and also enter terms as typically misspelled by users.


Focus of Identifying Niche Keywords


If you are selling products that do not have very strong differentiators, it is very likely that the keywords too will be common with that of the competition, in which case, getting a decent ranking on Amazon is virtually impossible. It is best to try and identify niche keywords that are special to your product that customers could use while searching. Optimization of the keywordsand product description will get you better visibility. Also, look out for application areas that the competition may not have latched onto that may be relevant to the searcher.


Use High-Resolution Images to Encourage Conversions


Providing high-resolution images is very important to the online shopping process as this is what a user substitutes for a touch-feel factor. Use the highest-possible resolution images allowable; 1500 x 1500 pixels. Anything more will be scaled down by Amazon. Try to give different views of the product and use color schemes that look good on the screen. Take care to choose an initial image that really looks good as it will prompt users to click and know more.

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Comment by Jeorge Waters on April 30, 2019 at 5:15am

Thank you for the excellent tips. I suppose they will be extremely useful for future amazon sellers. As we are here, I would like to add that a source amz scout can also be useful for these people. So, Good luck to you all


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