Tips to develop Sales oriented Checkout Page for Magento Storefront

The payment gateway page is one of the crucial segment of a Magento eCommerce store. It is full of potential when it comes to increasing the sales, while the same page can take the customers away from buying. Probably your store might be getting high traffic with a low bounce rate, yet the conversions are not up to the marks. The problem lies on the checkout page as a user, or potential buyer is coming on the specific page but won't checking out to such. This need to resolve as earliest as it is a serious concern as a Magento store. Well, the very first thing you can do is to refurbish the checkout page. After this, you have to search out and analyze the issues coming up on checkout process which might be the reason for cart abandonment. You need to strategize and execute how the checkout page might be like. For this you can even Hire Magento development services in USA. To create the Sales-driven check out page should be the best approach to increase more of conversions.

Here are some Tips to discuss:-

Rumpled free design: - The golden rule related to Magento eCommerce is not to keep the things in the mess and should be rumpled free which also applies on checkout page too. Try to remove unnecessary content which are distracting the visitors and are lengthen the page. Just with the essential content try to design the page with the minimal design which should be placed neatly. You need to highlight the policies and offers that you are offering to catch the eye of the visitors.

Easy to fill forms:- The most significant reason for the losing the customer and higher bounce rate at checkout is that the customers are forced to fill the long forms with multiple fields. This irritates the customers and turn them off the website and go away from the checkout page. This result in higher cart abandonment rate. You have to ensure that the form should be smooth and short to fill, asking for the required information only. It is an excellent option to fill up a certain field with information like zip code and address to ease the form filing.

Guest Checkout:- To offer the guest checkout is the excellent strategy to make the entire process smooth and user-friendly. To pressurize the user to create an account at the time of shopping from your website might complicate the things and make them leave the store. Moreover, guest checkout is a good option to choose to encourage the user to buy faster. Magento2 is yet another a good option to choose as the new version of Magento offers smarter checkout process.

Smooth Navigation Mobility:- Well, as a majority of the users are trusting on the mobile channel nowadays, it is very crucial to create a mobile-friendly checkout page. The Omni Channel experience is very necessary for the customers for having a smooth check out. The best way to create responsive interface is to hire a magento development services who has the professional expertize and experience in the field of development. The hired one with the expertize in Magento can use these strategies like setting the different contrast for the call to action buttons along with pre-populating field etc.. Live customer support as one of the best features of an e-commerce store. Having Live Chat on the store builds customer trust and renders a better shopping experience for them. If you are missing out on this feature, you are probably going to lose customers. Having Live Chat on the checkout page enables you to drive higher sales and win more customers for the long run.

Live Chat response:- As per the survey conducted by the Forrester 44% of the customers like the live chat response support as best feature of an eCommerce store. This helps in building the trust and render the customer with better shopping experience for them. If you lack with the feature, that might be the reason for losing the customer. The live chat feature on checkout page will help you in driving more sales and can build the long-term relationship with the customers.


With these tips, you can see the results in your business as checkout page is extremely crucial when it comes to driving sales and conversions. A quick and smooth checkout page can boost your sales by up to 40%. This will not just increase the revenue of the firm but also create better goodwill among the customers. Associate with the Professional Magento development Company in USA or other parts of the globe that have the professional team of developers and designers to analyze every aspect for developing high-performance website especially for you.

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