Tips to Improve Customer's Experience on your Web shop

As with the growth of online business, these days, it is important to enhance the customer experience. It is substantial to interact with the brand convenient and seamless. As customers are likely to stop engaging with an online domain if they find difficulty in navigating to their desired product or brand.

The eCommerce business is entirely different from a traditional brick and mortar business as it emphasizes on creating a strong customer base through their amazing services, dynamic interaction and expediency.

For sustainable online business, it is significant to concentrate on providing perfect customer experience. Here are some tips to improve customer experience on your online store.

Offer Personalization

These days’ customers have numerous options to make purchases online. Making them stick to your business domain is significant and this can be achieved by offering them more.

According to the Infosys “31% of surveyed consumers say they wish their shopping experience was far more personalized than it currently is.”

Provide value to your customers by offering excellent personalization. This involves:

  • Giving them auto-suggestions based on their recent activity. It requires keeping track of their interaction with multiple products on your business domain.
  • Integrate a wish list option, so they can consider buying their favorite products later.
  • Make contact through email ask for their experience on your web shop.
  • Entertain them with discounts, offers and wish them on their special occasions.

Make it Easy to Contact

Sometimes, it becomes frustrating for customer to contact the online business manager after making a purchase. Either someone needs to complain about the quality of the product that has been purchased or there could be other product delivery issues.

Finding it difficult to contact the manager of web shop could annoy your customers this leads to a negative customer experience. So, make sure to offer multiple ways of being connected whether through social media pages or through an integrated live chat option. When the doubts about the product or brand are cleared, the customers are likely to come back.

Customers prefer a quick response and a chat bot powered by artificial intelligence can serve this purpose very well. Also for responding to the customers contacting through social media channels and to reply emails, you can consider hiring a professional dedicated staff for it.

Allow Giving Product Reviews

People are more prone towards buying products based on their positive reviews. The customer reviews help them getting to know about product features and quality. If the products listed on your online store does not have customer review fields, then there will be no possible way for your customers to analyze the product besides its manifested description.

91% of 18-34 year old trust online reviews as much as personal reco...

Besides that, you can integrate product review feature in order to enhance the customer experience of your online business. Customers often wait for the reviews before making a purchase. Therefore, it is ideal to ask for review to those customers that have purchased the particular product.

Optimize Your Registration Form

Customers get frustrated when they have to fill in complicated signup forms. So, instead of loading your signup form with bunch of field options, try to keep it simple.

In order to get competitive edge in the market, you need to be aware with the buying behaviors of your potential customers. The more you know about your customer preferences, the more customer base your web store will acquire.

Sometimes it becomes necessary to ask for more information from customers in order to get insights and to provide perfect customers experience. In this case you can setup Magento 2 custom registration filelds. As, It allows adding extra fields to the checkout page and hiding unnecessary fields based on the product in cart.  It validates the input data and allows integrating multilevel dependable fields. Merchants will have 13 types of field options to choose from.

Power up the navigation

A simple and easy to follow, navigation can prove to be very advantageous for n eCommerce website. A tangled navigation system can lead users to somewhere else. A smooth navigation provokes customers to explore more. It provides a clear route from choosing the product to the checkout page.

The position of the navigation bar is also of huge importance. Placing on the top of the website horizontally or vertically on the left or right side looks appealing and attractive. On the other hand, if placed in the middle, it will make it difficult for visitors to have it accessed.

Final Words

E commerce is the future business solution that is going to bring huge possibilities and fortunes for entrepreneurs. It is important to offer the best shopping experience to the customers as the huge customer retention can make your web shop an ultimate success.

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