Tips to Successfully Relocate Your Office

Relocating an office is not a small thing and you will have to take into consideration more than expenses and time. There are certain downsides as well, like losing employees and clients especially if you are changing cities. However, this is something you can prepare for if you follow these tips to successfully relocate your office.

1.    Establish the budget for relocation

Before you start packing, you need to calculate your budget for relocation. This budget should include the cost of the move, cleaning, packing and equipment needed for the transfer of your things to a new location. Also, determine potential financial loss from downtime and see how you can minimize it, as well as compensate it once you finished the relocation.

2.    Inform everyone on time

Relocating an office is a process which should include not only you and the property owner but also employees and clients. By informing them on time, you are offering them a chance to find a way to stay with your business and not leave you. If you move to another city and want to keep at least some of the employees, you will have to offer them some incentive like higher pay or better working conditions.

Additionally, you have to inform providers of your move so you can transfer or stop using their services, like internet or cable TV. If you have any subscriptions like to newspapers, magazines, and catalogs, make sure that you send them your new address or cancel them.

3.    Expect the unexpected

The key to successfully relocate your office is to expect the unexpected. This means that you should be prepared in advance for delays, damages and extra costs which may or may not happen. For this reason, you should plan for a less strict and tight budget and leave room for surprise expenses.

Another way to deal with this is to predict possible issues and try to do damage control before it happens. For example, use better packing methods to protect the equipment and account in your calculations the weather and traffic jams. Also, create a checklist which will help you organize the move and make sure everything goes according to plan.

4.    Start decluttering and packing

When you leave the premises of your old office, you will have to pack and clean so the place would look as you found it. The best way to start is with decluttering and deciding what goes with you and what you will donate, sell or throw away.  Hire affordable skip bins to remove the bulky office stuff and send it to recycling, if possible.

Moreover, organize a sale in order to somewhat fund your relocation or donate the things to charity. You can also see if any of the employees would like to buy some equipment or take it for free before you decide to remove it.

5.    Relocate over the weekend

If you can choose a time when to relocate, then it is best done over the weekend. It will save you the money and have you operational on Monday and is doable if you are not moving far away.

However, if you have employees helping you move, then you will have to compensate for their work over the weekend. But, this is an expense that actually pays off and will not damage the company, so you can endure it. Because the sooner you start your business as usual, the less you will lose by not being available to your clients and customers.


With these tips to successfully relocate your office and being prepared for the aftermath, you will go through a smooth transition. Create a plan and establish a budget before you start, so you will minimize financial loss and be ready for unexpected expenses. 

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