Top 10 B2B eCommerce Platforms and Solutions

52% of B2B buyers say they expect half of their purchases to be made online by 2018. (The Future of Commerce).

B2B ecommerce portal has become a norm for wholesale businesses to provide omni-channel buying experience for their customers. Here we have given a list of B2B eCommerce software that can help your business manage B2B customer demands easily.

#1 Contalog

Contalog’s B2B platform specializes in combining the sophistications demanded by of B2B customers and the convenience of eCommerce to provide a new-gen B2B experience that would be loved by both new and experienced B2B users. Contalog a SaaS based B2B control system that can centralize orders across multiple sales channels including B2B portal in a single roof.

#2 SAP Hybris

SAP Hybris is an omni channel solution that helps in synchronizing your B2B store along with other sales channels like eCommerce, mobile app, etc. SAP Hybris is completely scalable and flexible enough to cater to all unique requirements of experienced as well as budding customers and can host any number of products in your B2B portal. It can help you generate product specific content and manage them without clutter.

#3 Netsuite

Suite Commerce, NetSuite’s B2B wing is attractive in all angles right from interface to the level of provisions it offers for shipments, tracking, ordering, procuring and much more. Netsuite is provided as an integration by players who promise of offering omni-channel selling experience for businesses and that stands as a proof for its prowess.

#4 GoEcart

GoEcart is an omnichannel commerce platform and its B2B ecommerce solution provides B2B specific support like tax management, shipment, multiple payments etc. Built in SEO tool aids your portal in gaining online visibility and rankings. It’s reporting module helps in knowing sales data top to toe.

#5 Aplicor

Combines ERP, CRM and B2B essentials into a single platform to provide a 360 degree support for business in handling anything and everything related to B2B selling and customer handling. Mobile support, additional security and being cost effective are the highlights of Aplicor.

#6 InsiteSoft

Insitesoft is a leader by example when it comes to its administration prowess. B2B, B2C, B2X and customer micro-sites can be managed in a single platform. Administration of all these sales wings can be delegated among officials in your sales network and they, in turn, can be monitored as well. Insitesoft extends its offering to web content & product information management.

#7 SparkPay

Manage exclusive product portfolio for B2B customers as listing and micro-sites. you’ll have the liberty to generate store specific contents that informs clearly about your offering to B2B customers. QuickBook and PeachTree accounting tools can be integrated to make things easier for B2B accounts handling.

#8 ShopVisible

Shopvisible offers a distributed order management solution that helps in tracking orders placed across multiple sales channels. Apart from the regular provisions needed for B2B order processing, this solution holds cool built-in solution for promoting products internally.

#9 Nexternal

An wholesome solution provider for processing orders earned through sales channels like POS, online stores, subscriptions, mobile apps, field sales efforts, Amazon marketplace etc.
For B2B customers, Nexternal provides a dynamic pricing control system that allows you to maintain client-specific pricing. Apart from multiple payment support, Nexternal supports related convenience like invoice generation and shipping service integration etc.

#10 ClarityVentures

Clarity Ventures provides a whole new product cataloging experience. Accurate inventory and order tracking gives no room for delays in order processing and shipment. Each product can be provided with global shipping price and tax. Provides built in SEO and promotional tools for bettering leads and visibility.

#11 Emerge App

B2B ecommerce portal has become a norm for wholesale businesses to provide omni-channel buying experience for their customers. Here we have given a list of B2B eCommerce software that can help your business manage B2B customer demands easily.

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Comment by Ashley Summer on June 10, 2016 at 1:28am

Nice info! I've recently finished setting up my first eCommerce website with the help of . I guess, the stuff you've shared here will be of great use for me!

Comment by Alex on October 21, 2016 at 1:29am

Good post, Really appreciate the efforts. 

Yeap, B2B ecommerce is really trending right now and many companies are adopting to these changes. 

You should check out EMERGE App -B2B Ecommerce platform. Its quite impressive.

Comment by Andrew Grant on November 12, 2016 at 8:10am

Thanks a lot for this valuable information! Starting an eCommerce website seemed to be a huge undertaking, but it wasn't as hard as I thought. I used Squarespace website builder (check out for the info about other eCommerce web builders) , downloaded a pre-designed template and added the content.


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