Top 10 Defect Management Tools For 2019

Defect management tools play an imperative role in the software development process and the software testers heavily depend on it. Testers evaluate various defect management tools to select the right one for their team.

To make your life easier, we are presenting you the list of ten top defect management tools in 2019.

1. Kualitee

It is an end to end test management tool that supports both manual and automated testing. It has an integrated defect management system that assists the testers to spot the defects.

Identification of bugs is simple and easy. However, managing, organizing and tracing them in one place is very difficult. This tool has a rich information format that clears your line of sight by combining your activities and arrange them in one place. Being a tester, you can record, manage and track all your testing efforts in an extremely productive user interface and attain access to all your projects at your fingertips.

2. ReQtest

It is an extremely powerful bug tracking software that enables the developers and the testers to team up on fixing bugs using the agile board. It has a dedicates bug module to report bugs. This tool allows you to import bug using a CSV file. As a consequence, you will be able to track the progress of bug tracking initiatives with reports. It provides a desktop app for capturing bugs with images or videos and flawlessly upload them to ReQtest.

It enables you to integrate your JIRA projects with ReQtest projects incorporating a JIRA add-on. The bugs in ReQtest can be coordinated with JIRA issues.

3. Bugzilla

It is one of the famous bug tracking tools widely adopted by many organizations for quite a long time now. It has an extremely simple to use web interface. It has all the features of assurance, convince and essence. Bugzilla is entirely open sources and free to use.

4. Jira

JIRA is a prominent test management tool which is commonly used for bug tracking. It offers the complete set of recording, workflow, reporting, and other convenience relevant features. It integrates directly with the code development environment. This makes it a perfect fit for the developers.

In addition to this, because of its ability to track all sort of issues, it is not only focused on the development industry and reduces itself quite efficiently leave management and help desk etc. It also supports agile projects. This is a commercially licensed product with various add-ins that support extensibility.

5. Redmine

It is an open source defect tracking system that integrates with the source code management system (SCM) also. Although it is not a bug tracking tool it entails working with issues. these issues can be with the features, defect, and bugs etc. It is a web app that functions various platforms.

6. Zephyr

It provides three option when it comes to using a defect tracking system.

  • The internal defect tracking system
  • JIRA
  • Bugzilla

Regardless of the option selected, Zephyr offers the user with a Defect Tracking app that enables them to file new defects, see present ones, customize them and report on them. This user interface mainly remains the same for all three options mentioned above.

7. TestRail

TestRail is one of the most powerful tools that can be integrated with almost any desktop-based and web-based project management and bug tracking tools and even customized solutions. This means you can utilize various tools for numerous projects or you can mention a global tool for all your projects in TestRail.

8. qTest

This tool enables you to submit a defect in the defect module. As a result, you can create, see and edit the defects that were created. It is a simple defect tracker but a very powerful tool. It enables you to manage defect in the real-time.

9. Zoho Bug Tracker

It is one of the modules available within the task management software Zoho Project. This is an online tool that enables you to develop projects, targets, tasks, bugs, documents, reports and so on. It has all the features in itself that testers desire for. This is an economical commercial product.

10. BugHost

BugHost is a web-based defect tracking system which is very simple. It has all the features that testers require to manage project issues effectively. It also has an attractive little service WebHost that can be used for the users who are also the end customers, to create an issue straight into your project. Although it is commercial it is extremely affordable.

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