Top 10 eCommerce Trends for Christmas 2017 and the Coming Year

We barge into the last month of the year and if you haven’t started, there are still some things which you could and you should do about your store and the thing begin with.. getting started now!!

Christmas and New Year are just far from today. Its a last time for online merchants to get ready with their online stores. Follow the last years trends, the effective eCommerce Strategies to boost holiday online sales.

How augmenting some of the trends to your store can usher you towards a win-win situation for this Christmas and the coming year?

Mobile Shopping: No More An Afterthought

Even though there is a good desktop sale during holidays, users want their malls to be present right there in their pockets. When it comes to holiday trends, mobile commerce has set all the trends ablaze and statistics say that 50%+ orders came from the mobile last year starting from the Thanksgiving day. Mobile revenue is overtaking the desktop revenue and if you want your store to do good, shout out loud to the customers that “our malls are with you, wherever you go, doesn’t matter how far you reach”.

Geo-targeted Contents: Create Brand Experience

 As the word suggests, geo-targeting audience involves targeting the audience based on their geographic location. You should be able to present the most relevant content to your customers. If you are an artifact seller, try to discover big brands of your profession. With the help of their targeted users, you can target your contents on the same location. You can also skim through several stats and map out the correct location for your relevant users.

Use Chatbots, Make Them Feel Abode: One Step Closer To Personalization

Greeting your customers through Chatbots can be really appealing. In accordance with the reports of Oracle, chatbots would become mandatory for 80% eCommerce by 2020. Chatbots give a good personalized experience. You can make a forward dive towards this trend to leverage Chatbot commerce this Christmas.

Trend Of Playing With The Psychology Of The Customers

To observe the patterns of what and how customers think, become one. You can scroll through some other eCommerce store and mark what’s perfect and what’s needed to have an immediate address. Following the footstep of customers, you can easily break down the psychodynamic of their cognitive abilities. Play with their thinking capabilities. 

So, keeping limited products in the store and subdividing the product tree based on the categories like age, gender, the price can help your customer to have an organized mindset. Since Christmas sale involves gifts, adding a gift tag on your landing page, further classified into several attributes would see you a definite conversion.

Omnichannel Shopping Experience: Maintain The Homogeneity

The value of a brand magnifies spontaneously when customers are able to shop from whatever device they like. It is the right time to jump over the cross-channel approach as it gives a seamless experience to the users. Your store should be able to adapt the ever-molding lifestyles of your shoppers.

The experience should be smooth enough to maintain the homogeneity on all the mediums. Many users like to research the products online and buy them in-store. Some like to check-in to the store to compare the rates and then buy online. Since the percentage of omnishoppers is very high and Christmas is mainly celebrated as gifting season, you can attract those omnishoppers by offering legit discounts and gift cards on your store.

Same Day Delivery: Offers Spontaneous Gratification

Your store can become a procrastinator’s paradise if you promise to give customers the same day delivery this Christmas. Too many products and shilly-shallying attitude make us wait for the last day of Christmas. the e-gift card is a boon to these dallying heads as they are easy to mail. But not everybody prefers e-gift cards. Considering that scenario, you can exact the promises of same day delivery. This could instantly gratify your customers and make their boosted hormones slow a bit.

Free Shipping: More Important Than Fast Delivery

As we know that Christmas is a gift-driven festival, most of the digitized countries like to present e-gift cards to their relatives. The obvious advantage of e-gift cards is that they don’t involve delivery cost. Your main focus should be on selling the gift cards.

The primary objective of making the gift cards as your weapon is to cost cut the overhead of delivery charge. Since the percentage of non-gift cards items are less, you can afford to offer free shipping. Same day delivery gives you an instant gratification but free shipping offers a sense of relief to the customers who believe that they are getting overcharged at the checkouts.

Smart Automation Covers The Market: Delightful Customers

As digital marketing techniques continue to blossom, astute marketing automation is becoming a quick trend for the eCommerce stores. The significance of using automated marketing tools is to gather data and distribute the coherent data to the customers at the optimal time.

A good automation tool would always make you understand your customers, maneuver you to take right steps at each stage of the trade journey. And understanding the users during festivals and holidays can lighten your path with much ease. It is one of the investments which will allow you to scale your business to the greater heights.

Video Contents: Continue To Accredit Conversions

Visuals grab eyeballs faster than texts. Surveys show that video marketing can enhance click-through rates by 200-300% and intensify the purchase intent by 97%. Sharing useful contents related to Christmas can drive a good traffic on your medium. The trend of uploading short but lucid contents have compelled users to buy. Another video trend which is in a right direction is live video interaction. You can interact with your followers on social media and give them the chance to personalize.

Augmented Reality: Makes Tony Stark Of You

The use of Augmented Reality (AR) is proving to be a great mobile engaging method for the customers. It is very easy and interactive. Although its introduction in the eCommerce is at primordial phase, it can be a great trend to watch out for in 2018. Brands can easily put their products on social media pages through inbuilt filters making their products catchy and attractive.


The mentioned trends continue to vow success to many eCommerce companies. You can adopt these trends for remaining days of this year and carry on with them the next year. Since the eCommerce industry is evolving constantly, immediate action is imperative. If you fail to understand the context of these trends, your competitors are destined to commandeer your position.

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