Top 12 AngularJS Frameworks that Modifying Web Application

Do you know what you really need while dealing with a complex project? A simple and systematic technical approach. App developers go through a tough, churning time in order to perfect the web/mobile apps. Just like one of your Frontier packages comes to your rescue when researching online, it is an efficient framework that rescues the app developers. The AngularJS frameworks, in particular, will make your tasks easy and will give you the most efficient results.

AngularJS is identified as one of the most renowned open-source JavaScript application frameworks. And rightly so! This web framework is under Google’s maintenance. It has been able to address and solve every possible issue related to the single-page apps’ development. Not only has it efficiently resolved problems, but it has also enhanced the potential of MVC (Model View Controller) and the browser-based apps. So, if you are a developer and you want to simplify your development job and testing the app, tag along to get some amazing suggestions.

12 Best AngularJS Frameworks That Every Developer Should Use to Modify Web Apps

  1. Ionic
  2. LumX
  3. Radian
  4. Supersonic
  5. Mobile Angular UI
  7. Angular UI Bootstrap
  8. Suave UI
  9. Angular UI Grid
  10. Angular Foundation
  11. Videogular
  12. Protractor

Let’s discuss.


It helps you to build incredible apps in a single codebase. With Iconic framework, you can develop apps for any platform on the web. If you are aiming to build responsive websites, this is your best solution. It uses AngularJS to create frontend and smartphone users. It is wrapped with PhoneGap and Cordova. And that makes it easy to create the UI functionalities of default mobile apps.


LumX is used by the top companies in the AngularJS development business. It is built on Google Material Design. And is one of the best framework for UI development. You can create customized apps. It will also allow you to design beautiful apps efficiently and quickly.


Radian is a must-have when it comes to scalable AngularJS frameworks. It is developed on AMD (Asynchronous Module Definitions). It is ideal when you are working on a multi-developing project. For quick results and developing the apps in the briefest possible time, we highly recommend this vibrant and powerful framework.


This hybrid app is the only one for the UI framework. It is a complete library that consists of various web components, JavaScript, and CSS which you can use within your desired framework. It is integrated with the Angular JS. It helps to simplify HTML5 applications.

Mobile Angular UI

If you have used Angular JS or Twitter Bootstrap, you must know of Mobile Angular UI already. Used for creating mobile applications on HTML 5, with Angular JS and Bootstrap, it empowers you. You get to enjoy some amazing mobile components such as sidebars, switches, and scrollable areas.

Do you want us to define MEAN? It would be Mongo DB, AngularJS, Express, and Node.js. Well, this means you get your hands on a complete stack of the JavaScript framework. You can rapidly build the most effective MEAN-based apps for the web. You can also create useful modes using it. A few instances are Passport and Mongoose. Passport is pre-bundled and configured. You can use it to design single and multiple web apps. You can also create dynamic and single web apps.

Angular UI Bootstrap

Essentially, these are bootstrap components, which are written in the Angular JS. Based on HTML, Bootstrap, and CSS, it consists of various native Angular JS directives. It boasts of a rating of 14 stars on the GitHub.

Suave UI

Suave UI is specially designed for web apps, which are designed in Angular JS. It consists of, definition, CSS services, and directives to help you build UI efficiently and quickly.

Angular UI Grid

This framework is worthy when developers have to work with various complex modules and sets. It offers a variety of catchy features including sorting, visualization, expansion, filtering grouping, and so on. It also assists in running the column and binding the cells.

Angular Foundation

It is also called Angular Directives for the foundation 6. Angular Foundation features some amazingly advanced frameworks. It offers functional directives such as CSS and HTML markups along with some other components.


The Videogular framework gives you high tech web apps with Angular JS. It is a video app framework essentially for the desktop and mobiles. It is powered by Angular JS. It offers bind-able properties, cue point system, themes, plugins, and support for mobiles. Its features make it the best for the purpose of web application development.


Protractor is an end-to-end testing framework for both Angular JS and Angular applications. You can test your apps with user support and Angular-specific strategy and locator. It executes every next step automatically as soon as the pending tasks are finished by the webpage. This is quite similar to the chatbot on Frontier page that gives you the detail of Frontier Internet prices. Yes, it works just as fast!

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