An electronic company produces the devices for communication. It came into being on 18 May 1961. Electronic is the branch of science that deals with the controlling of electrical energy. Electronic play a vital role in this process of dealing.

These devices are the need of modern age. According to the human psyche, they always want the luxuries platform to live their lives. Therefore, this branch of science is on the way to satisfy human psyche. With the progress of this branch, different companies saw their prosperity in this field. So different companies introduced in the market in the name of electronics. Plantronics is one of those companies.


The two founders of Plantronics are Courtney Graham and Keith Larkin. They are the two famous persons in the field of communication. They get rid by using big and heavy headsets so that is why they introduce the small and tiny headsets. Their achievement set high goals in the field of communication.

Top headsets of Plantronics

There are many headsets of Plantronics that flourish the company of Plantronics to a high level. Some of the top headsets of Plantronics are as follows:

  1. Sennheiser Officerunner convertible wireless office headset with microphone-DECT 6.0  

This office headset gives us a better and good quality of talking time. It is reachable up to 590 feet away from your telephone. This feature of headset does not allow you to be tired because of their good range of communication with our telephone. It can reduce or even remove the noise from the background by which you cannot hear a good voice. For this fact it is a good device for office use to do work with full of concentration. There is another feature of it that makes it important is their battery life. Their battery timing is 12 hours on talk time with only the charging for one hour.

  1. Plantronics CS510 wireless headset

Plantronics stands with the high position in the industry. They introduce many headsets for the office use. One of them was Plantronics CS510. Their communication quality is good. It can communicate with the telephone from 300 feet without any disturbance. It is considered to a secured wireless headset for the office use. It has also the feature of noise canceling that reduces the background noise that causes disturbance during the work. From this headset, we can also control the volume and the audio. Its battery timing is 9 hours of using or talk time.

  1. Plantronics Savi W720

Plantronics Savi W720 has the feature to provide their users a call management quality. By this, we can communicate with others by only a one call. Its wireless range is up to 300 feet from our telephone. It has 9 hours of battery timing with one charge. It has the feature of noise canceling from the background.

  1. Headset Plantronics CS540 wireless headset

It is the device including in CS500 family. It is considered to the lightest weight headset, which is easy to handle. It is stylish and has many of the features. It can connect to telephone up to 350 feet away from the desk. It has the ability to answer the calls or end the calls from this device.

  1. Jabra pro 920 wireless headset

Its battery timing is 8 hours. It communicates with the telephone about 325 feet away from the desk. By this device, we can control the volume or answer the calls by touching only one button. It has the clear sound system by which we can easily communicate with other peoples.

  1. ATT TL7812 Wireless headset

This type of headsets has many facilities. They can easily connect with the most of the desks and devices. They can connect to the calls by using only one button to control it. These devices have a good battery timing of about 12 hours. This device is charge very fast in a few times. It connects with the device up to 5oo feet away from the desk. All the activities are performed by only a single touch.

  1. Jabra motion office UC version wireless headset

This type of headsets is used in office work. They have the new and enhanced form of the sound system. It is touch screen system and all of the activities are done by only a one touch. It has also the noise canceling feature from the background.  Their Bluetooth range is up to 300 feet.

  1. Plantronics CS530 Office headset

This device holds very heavy features. Its wireless range is up to 350 feet away from the deck or PC. It is included in the best headsets for the office use. This feature makes this device an important headset, especially for the office use. We can easily handle all the activities of this device.

  1. Plantronics CS545-XD

This device has an unlimited talking time. This feature of this device makes it important and different from other headsets. There are enhancement and clarity in the sound system of this device. We can handle their calls by only a one-touch which make it easy.

  1. Jabra PRO 9450 Mono wireless headset

This device has a wireless range of about 450 feet. This device easy device and the new

Users can easily get information about it and easily handle it. It can reduce or remove background noise, which enhances its audio quality.

  1. Plantronics Encore pro-HW540

This type of headsets is use in office work. It has good quality and durability. This headset is considered to the easiest headset for the users. That makes it very much important and the demand of the users. It has the clear sound system.

  1. Plantronics HW710

This type of headsets is used in business work. It has very much lightweight that is easy to handle or control. We can handle its activities by only a one touch.

  1. Jabra Biz 2300

It has the lightweight headset. It reduces the noise from the background and clears the audio system. It provides the proper features to their users and customers.

All of the above-mentioned headsets are very much important. It raises the Plantronics in the industry of communication to a high level.  

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