Top 15 Bluetooth Headsets by Plantronics

Plantronics is a well-known name in providing high-quality headsets to users belonging to any field of life since 1961.The best Bluetooth headsets by Plantronics are:

  1. Voyager 8200 UC

These amazing Bluetooth wireless headsets by Plantronics are well-equipped with amazing active noise canceling properties which makes them ideal for use in office environments where background noises exist and can cause the distraction for employees. The noise canceling properties of these headsets helps the users to concentrate on work. These headsets feature dual paired omnidirectional microphones making them highly unable for professionals. The dynamic mute alert senses and tells the user while they are talking in mute mode.


  1. Explorer 50

Plantronics Explorer 50 Bluetooth earphones are amazing devices which enable the users to enjoy wireless freedom and manage their calls and entertainment while on the go. These earphones are extremely easy to setup and can be connected with multiple phones simultaneously and users are able to hear their favorite music and GPS direction through these earbuds. These amazing earphones are extremely comfortable and lightweight to wear in any kind of environment.


  1. M70

These amazing Plantronics Bluetooth earphones are remarkable devices which enable the users to control their music and manage their calls with efficiency. The noise canceling and echo canceling properties of these amazing earbuds ensure deliverance of HD and crystal clear audio. Deep sleep hibernation mode saves the battery and elongated battery time for use.


  1. BackBeat 903 +

These outstanding wireless Bluetooth earphones by Plantronics are ideal for extreme workouts and sports sessions as they provide the users with a comfortable and secure fit. The easy touch button controls of these behind the neck wearing style devices enables the users to manage calls and control music instantly and the voice alerts keep the users aware of the battery status and other such information.


  1. BackBeat SENSE

These outstanding binaural headsets are well-equipped with class 1 Bluetooth technology which enables the users to control their devices even when they are away from the devices within a range of 330 feet. The battery time of these headphones is an impressive 18 hours and the smart sensor technology can pause/play streaming when the headsets are put on or put off. The users can connect multiple devices at a time through multipoint technology.


  1. BackBeat 500

These remarkable binaural Bluetooth headsets provide the users with a long lasting battery time of up to 18 hours and the immersive audio provides the users with a perfect combination of balanced and rich sound. The on-ear controls are easy to access and users can answer important calls with a single touch. These headsets are extremely comfortable to wear with soft ear cups and lightweight.


  1. BackBeat 100 Series

These awesome earbuds have amazing lightweight, flexible and comfort fit earbuds. The immersive sound of these earphones is responsible for blocking out all the unwanted ambient noises and deliver crystal clear audio. The single touch controls help the users to take control of their devices. The noise and echo reduction prevent the users from experiencing any type of disruption during calls.


  1. BackBeat GO 3

These earphones are nano coated providing protection from sweat and other kinds of weather condition including rain and humidity, making them ideal for use while playing sports. The two full backup charges enable the users to avoid running out of battery and the stable and secure fit of ear tips enables the users to stay put.


  1. BackBeat PRO 2

This Bluetooth headset is well-equipped with active noise canceling properties making them ideal for use in any type of professional environment and lets them concentrate fully on their work. The rich and immersive audio quality makes them a perfect choice for people working in high cell density workplaces. The battery time of these headphones is an outstanding 24 hours.


  1. BackBeat FIT

These amazing sports earphones by Plantronics have been made sweat proof enabling the users to wear them during their gym sessions or in sports arenas. The battery time is 8 hours and the secure fit of these sports earbuds enables the users to wear them during any extreme physical activity without fear of falling off.


  1. Voyager Legend CS

This Bluetooth supported wireless headset system is a complete package as it contains an ear tip, a microphone, and a base which enables the users to control the functionality and features of these amazing devices. The ear tips can be worn in behind the ear wearing style and the audio quality of these devices is outstanding.


  1. Voyager Edge

These Plantronics Bluetooth earbuds are extremely favorable for professionals working in an office where call volume is high and these are recommended for users working from remote locations. These earbuds are very easy to pair as they are well-equipped with NFC pairing technology and the voice alerts keep the users updated about the battery status.


  1. Voyager Focus UC

The Active Noise Cancelling properties of these amazing binaural Bluetooth headsets are responsible for blocking out all the distracting noises in the environment. The smart sensor technology and the dynamic mute alert make it possible for users to stay aware of the settings. A battery time of 12 hours enables the users to use them during long office hours.


  1. Voyager 3200

These amazing earbuds by Plantronics are equipped with enhanced call clarity as these earphones have three embedded mics which are also responsible for canceling out all the unnecessary environmental noises. The intuitive controls enable the uses to manage calls instantly and the dynamic mute alert keeps the users aware of the settings of the Earbuds.


  1. Voyager 5200 Series

These Bluetooth enables monaural earphones of these devices to have a four mic noise canceling technology embedded in them which assures clarity of conversation and cancels out all the unwanted noises. The wind smart technology avoids causing any type of disruption due to environmental factors. These earbuds are comfortable to wear and have amazing audio quality.


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