Top 15 Headset Manufacturers in the World

Rick Burgress, July 13, 2015 has expressed his dilemma as:

“… I’ve come to the conclusion the perfect wireless headset for PC gaming doesn’t exist.

… it was impossible to find one that had it all.

… It seems like manufacturers aren’t in a hurry to produce high-quality wireless headsets for PC gamers.”

The headphone industry is one of the most competitive fields in the audio trade. There are many brands that are at zenith owing to their customer’s high esteemed comments and loyal supports.

Considering the fact that a great population shares Rick’s dilemma, described below are a few brands that fulfill customer’s satisfaction level and meet high standards of quality products for many decades:


¨   Audio Technica Headsets are Outstanding:

The outstanding Audio Technica; in terms of customer experience and satisfaction, is more for tighter budgets and offers remarkable flatness or sound quality as it is far superior in sound enactment than many well-known brands.

No need to worry about battery as it does not need one and has a coiled cord for more flexibility. Ear-monitoring is far easier due to 180 degree swivel.


¨   Beyerdynamic As Leading Audio Industry:

Being one of the leading companies in the audio industry with its objective as getting the perfect sound is the measure of all things for us. It is an old company with great reputation in the sound world. Beyer Family has been incessantly receiving meticulous reviews from customers and audiophiles whether being common listener or a professional. Beyerdynamic headphones are developed in Germany and are renowned ones in the globe.


¨   V-MODA Offers Phenomenal Headsets:

V-MODA Headsets are known for phenomenal audio quality that these bassy headphones are built to last by manufactured as hard-hitting, angular and are non- elusive. It has been getting sky-high reviews for being pressure-easy and comfortable which almost vanishes on your head.

¨   Ultrasone Creates Best Quality Headsets:

If you are looking for clean-sounding, noise-isolating and relaxed pair then Ultrasone would be your best fit. With a titanium-coated sound transducer, these mesmerize you entirely with lucidity of sound and tonal array.


¨   MEE Electronics Headsets Have Solid Sound Quality:

There are some companies which may not be those famous ones but they have produced specific types of successful headphones. MEE Electronica is one of them.  These are of great significance for bass-addicts and offer solid sound quality but on really low range of price with a few extras too.


¨   Bose Manufactures Matchless Audio Equipment:

Bose is based in Massachusetts and has become matchless in audio equipment. Noise cancelling wireless headset by Bose is a tremendous choice in the exceptional price range. Bose's state-of-the-art contribution is distinct by quality sound, first-rate battery lifespan, noise isolation and a comfortable fit.

Bose has catered your home, office, professional music atelier, vehicle, gym and sports with a wide range of audio systems.


¨   Monster Inc. Are Inspiration Headphones:

These are inspiration headphones for times when portability is prioritized and sound quality needs to be incomparable. They have been bringing all innovations with their headsets for vindicated price, superior sound quality, striking and up-to-the-minute designs since 2018 when it became a household name.


¨   Panasonic Has Stylish Headsets for Audiophiles:

Being one of the biggest brands, Panasonic headphones have reached pinnacle in their style, comfort and sound clarity. Hands-free, boom-style headset with comfort fit headband and telephone headset have been on high reviews for their optimum level. Panasonic is about to complete its century in manufacturing industry.


¨   AKG Creates Headsets for Professional Perfection:

The Austrian brand AKG speaks of its perfection. AKG headsets are diligently manufactured to transmit the most distinct and well-defined audio quality that the professionals demand for precision listening, mixing and mastering. It takes the credit to build the first open-back and supra-aural headphones.


¨   Pioneer Wins Global DJ’s Endorsement:

This is one of the most reputable companies and its headsets are very prevalent with many DJ’s who endorse it globally. These are highly regarded by customers and are known for efficient production of a wide frequency range for different types of music.


¨   Grado Designs the Legendary Headphones:

Grado: bearing the huge name in headphone industry takes the acclaim of designing one of the most legendary headphones and is bringing innovations in it. Its most salient features include supra-aural, high-fidelity and dynamic open-air headphones with focus on cartridges for manufacturing unsurpassed products therefore it has made countless loyal clients and cliques.

¨   LG Headset

Its special; features have been made to make our life easier. This Korean company is famous in third-world countries like Pakistan too. Its Bluetooth headset is the most noticeable product introducing a set of advancements for sudience.

¨   Sennheiser Offers Modest Rates for General Population too:

From the general population to relish, Sennheiser has originated their headset to celebrity DJ’s, musicians and artists too to proudly use it since it always followed, “Pursuit of Perfect Sound”. Due to modest rates, meticulous audio quality as it discovers true sound, tremendous luxury level, stability and up-dates designs; it has been a household name offering a tailor-made solution for every aspect of recording and sound. It offers a new dimension in active noise.

¨         Logitech Offers Light-weight Design of Headset:

In the world of gaming, this headset has always been set on high pedestals. Logitech wireless headset lets you surf, chat, skype call and rock on numerous operating systems like tablets, PC, stereo etc.  You can enjoy a perfect, comfortable fit, with an adaptable, light-weight design. It has noise-cancelling features which make you experience digital lucidity. It makes you feel like you have lifelike chatting. You just plug and play to achieve high-quality audio.


¨    Skullcandy Headset Is More About Fun and Colors:

Skullcandy headset enjoy the diversity as its full sized headphones have gained a lot of praise from its consumers by creating partnerships with sports enthusiasts, celebrities, athletes and artists on one side and skaters and snow breakers on the other side. It’s not heavy on the pocket despite its stylish, chic and colorful designs that appeal.

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