Top 5 Best Nonprofit Software In 2017

Information technology has been a growing concern today for most businesses and industries. Not just big, but even the smaller ones are adversely affected by what restraints and barriers are laid upon them in case they choose to opt for minimal or no information technology support for their business at all.

If you are running a Nonprofit organization and have less knowledge about handing IT, it becomes very confusing and challenging task to figure out what software you need for entire management efficiently because at the end of the day, let’s face it you know very little about information technology.

But I have tested and as per my experience, I am going to suggest you top 5 best software in 2017 that any Nonprofits or SMBs can use. Following are some of the most popular software that have proven their worth to a whole lot of businesses and have made a name for them.


The Salesforce cloud is an on-demand customer relationship management (CRM) suite offering applications for small, midsize and enterprise organizations, with a focus on sales and support. The Salesforce app has capabilities that include sales management, marketing automation, partner relationship management and customer service. These applications help organizations manage customer accounts, track sales leads, conduct and monitor marketing campaigns and provide service post sale. Check out the official website to know more about its features.

 2.      NeonCRM:

This software from Z2 Systems, Inc. is one of the foremost customer relationship management suites which are cloud-based. This software caters its services to various big and small non-profit organisations concerned with humanitarian services, animal and pet welfare groups and various foundations which are philanthropic in nature.

The many applications of this cloud-based software include the necessary marketing responsibilities and reaching out to the world. It also covers events such as fundraisers. Getting connected with donors and their management is yet another service which NeonCRM provides. NeonCRM also manages membership procedures and details.

The software has built-in tools and dashboards which provide easy access to users for effortlessly accessing all these functions.

 3.      MemberClicks:

This highly configurable software offers it’s extremely potent cloud based services to all sorts of small organisations and associations based on members. The beauty of this cloud-based software is that it can act alone as a standalone platform in the form of a membership website and community for social interactions or even combine with any existing such website or platform.

All of this is done by this software bearing in mind the relevance to the users. Users can manage the memberships and handle applications for new members into the association or organisation. MemberClicks software also utilises its cloud-based platform to help manage events and communications more seamlessly.

 4.      VizCube:

Visuite is integrated software which is based on cloud functionality. It is basically ISAAS offers its cloud based services to various SMBs and Nonprofits. Its main aim is to assist the organisation on various aspects and needs. It basically integrates facts and opinions collected through interviews at customer site (insights), CIO analysis (investigate) and interprets vast amount of industry data, technology articles and applications specific to various industry segments, expert opinions, security, compliance and risks.

VizCube TM is a big data analytic engine that uses our expert’s knowledge, insights developed through client interviews, and numerous industry data through research from various institutions. IT combines the power of human intelligence with thousands of knowledge database on technology and trends for specific vertical markets.

The user interface is very easy to access and use and is completely hassle free. VizCube is the better option to opt for as it comes with practical insights and expert knowledge.


5.      Salsa CRM:

This constituent management software helps non-profit organisations keep track of every donation that has been received and at the same time, easily maintain a reliable donor profile. Salsa CRM can also create direct mails and report development. Salsa CRM provides a complete coverage over donor management, fundraisers and event organisations while providing security.


If you are inexperienced handling these software, I suggest you to hire a CIO experts. It has become an extremely important thing to have someone good to handle IT for your business and also able to guide in time. Getting hold to a CIO consultant who can actually understand your requirement is another big challenge because there are professionals but they only know how to figure out with the IT stuff. A better CIO exert is someone who must have deep business and technology experience so that they can guide businesses to achieve goals strategically.

Try using above software to ease your IT problems.

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