Top 5 ICO marketing agency Knacks to Popularize your ICO

An initial coin offering (ICO) is the primary step to raise funds to bring a start up idea to life. However, developing an ICO is not the only deal. There is a vast space that lies ahead and the success of an ICO depends on sealing it all up. In other words, you need to frame a good marketing strategy for your ICO to be triumphant. Hire a top ICO marketing agency than can provide you with the best ICO marketing service.

Being a professional ICO marketing agency, SHAMLA TECH provides the clients with end to end ICO marketing solutions

How to go about with ICO marketing?

Here goes the ICO marketing strategy of professional ICO marketing companies that you need to switch to for better ICO outcomes.

Business module

You may raise funds for your business with ICO. But then, understand that fundraising is not the only goal of it. ICOs with the only aim to raise funds often shatter within a short span of time. Building trust helps attract more investors and to make it happen, the business module has to be strong and efficient. Now, who would not want to invest money in a business with massive scope?

Target audience

To attract investors for a given ICO project, it is mandatory that you take it to the right set of people. Besides, taking an ICO to the general public will consume a lot of time and money. When you identify the target audience, the task becomes simpler. The more precise you are with the target, the easier it is to hit the same.

Team Efficiency

The developers who work on the project should be experts in ICO. It will be even more meritorious if they have considerable experience in the field. When smart developers work together, the outcomes will be smarter. We at SHAMLA TECH, work with a team of skilled and experienced developers to come up with customized ICO solutions for you.

Social media

Social media is a major digital space that offers numerous opportunities for mass communication. Marketing your ICO on social media platforms such as Twitter, Steemit, Telegram, Quora and Reddit will fetch you potential investors at the soonest. It is also a good idea to put up air drops regarding your ICO to captivate the attention of the visitors deliberately.

Link Building

Put up sponsored posts on blogs that the investors are likely to visit. Embed links to your ICO website in the content of the posts. Make sure that the content is informative and is of good quality so that there is a rise in the number of people clicking on the link to visit your ICO website.

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