Top 5 Not to be Missed Features in Your Next Mobile App

 "The article is about the top 5 must-have factors for every mobile app to be successful and give real-valued experiences to its customers and operators."

A user uses an app and satisfactory keeps in his mobile if certain factors and conditions are fulfilled. One looks if the app is purposeful. If it solves his purpose, he tends to use it for the respective purpose. In the same way, an app should be high quality and adaptive for a user to use an app for a long period of time.

Having specific functioning of each mobile app, here are some of the top 5 must haves mentioned for all the mobile apps:

1. Loyalty

A mobile app should consist of sophisticated and latest technology with a next-generation loyalty program. An app should be able to fulfill its specific purpose and enable the users to reward them with more and more satisfaction setting a high frequency and usage. The loyalty says about the app being convenient to use and hassle free. It should be able to correlate the data into personalized manner allowing the user to set his own preferences and create loyalty.

2. Fast service

The service given by the app should be so fast that the expectations of the consumer should be fulfilled even before the consumer starts expecting. Suppose, a customer wins a reward, the reward should be given to him as and when he earns it. In a survey captured, if one questions take the customer to respond in 10 seconds, the function should be fast enough to go to the next question and the user must receive the rewards immediately.

3. Engage and entertain the user

The app must be able to engage the user. Something or the other should amaze the user that engages him to use the app continuously. Similarly, the app should be entertaining enough for a user to keep engaged. Keeping engages minimizes the chances of being frustrated and leaves a branded and pleasurable experience to the customer.

4. Location-based services

The apps must be working in any location the customer goes to. The app must keep the user engaged at any place at any point of time. To handle this, marketers can use the GPS services to handle such challenges. The app must also be able to give notable notifications to the users as per their requirements. For example, they can be notified the hotels and cafes present near them.

Also, the apps can launch various games creating an entertaining engagement. In the same way, there are numerous possibilities to provide location based services which are a must for any app to be successful.

5. Deliver the real value to the users

The app in the mobile phone should turn out to be non-supported. In fact, it should be able to give real value to its users. The transactions people make should be done with ease, speed and frictionless. The real value can be obtained only if one has engaging and entertaining experience.

Buying and selling should enable payment terms on the app itself. It is convenient to have a digital card as a part of the mobile pay rather than having physical cards.

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