SEO abbreviation stands for Search engine optimization which is an ongoing process to get better ranking in various search engines. To attract more visitors to your website it is very necessary that company /business keeps on improving its results in organic searches.

Every company and business today clearly know the importance of SEO in the time of tough competition besides improving one's position in SERP. It is also must to keep an eye on the competitor's website and their moves. Here comes the importance of SEO tools so today without using them even with the best website, content and keywords all efforts are futile.

There are so many good SEO tools available that when used in a systematic manner always deliver the desired results. One of the best things is that many SEO tools are free. Let’s go through the 5 top SEO tools being used today

Ahrefs — This is one of the best SEO tool in use today that helps a company by keep it informed which websites are linking to their websites. It also provides information about the competitor’s websites and their day to day moves. The best part of this tool is that you will have known from where the links are coming from and also detailed information about the backlinks that are lost.

Copyscape — Copyscape is another SEO tool in use that checks Plagiarism which helps the company to detect the duplicate content and also it can be made sure that such similar types of content appear on any website or not. This wonderful tool can be used to make sure the uniqueness of content so as to maintain good ranks in search engines.

Linkody — This SEO tool is surely one of the best as it notifies the company when a backlink is gained or lost also providing other useful information. It also keeps a watchful eye on the competitor's website every they gain a link. This tool help company to concentrate on link building so when a properly used company gains the top rankings in search results and also progress can be checked regularly.

Buzzstream — This SEO tool identifies websites from where links can be taken making link building process easy. It identifies contact information, manages communications and link opportunities as well as monitoring the received backlinks so the company can spend more time on quality link building than wasting time on spreadsheets.

Authority — This is one of the best site rank and top link building tool. With the help of this tool company can search influencer people in their target market and communicate with them to effectively manage the influencer matketing.this marketing is gaining popularity these days and with this tool company can have the data from varied social channels in search of top influencers.

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