Top 5 Social Media Marketing Trends of 2018

Social media is evolving consistently. And if you are a social media marketer, you must keep yourself updated with the latest trends in marketing. So, here are some predictions for social media marketing trends in 2018:

Live Video Streaming

Live video content has remained popular in 2017 and it will continue in the coming the years as well. Almost 95% of the brands believe it will be a crucial part of their marketing strategy for the year 2018. But why so? This is so because consumers are more inclined towards it.

Around 80% of the consumers prefer watching a video over any other content form like blog posts. This clearly suggests that social media is implementing live video streaming options to benefit social marketers.

When it comes to live video content, Facebook is leading the list of social media channels, according to 2018 Buffer report for the state of social media. This trend suggests that social media marketers need to take advantage of live video streaming on all distribution channels. Also, give a prompt reply to your visitors on such live streaming and it will surely help your business gain quality leads.


Chatbots are getting integrated to social media channels and they have made a buzz for quite some time. The increasing popularity of chatbots is due to the reason that they are easy and interesting to use for customers. The augmented reality used in chatbots has helped enterprises to manage some of the hectic tasks of giving customer support as well as handling administrative tasks. As a result, they are beneficial to businesses and customers both.

One of the popular food brand Pizza Hut has used this concept. It uses chatbots to make it easy for customers to buy pizza through social media. This suggests that these bots are effective in driving sales to businesses.

It is believed that by the end of 2018, more businesses will take benefit from these chatbots. A research suggests that around 80% of the social marketers have used or plan to use them by 2020.

Influencer Marketing

Businesses are partnering with micro influencers for gaining trust and influencing their audience in a more effective way. But who are these micro influencers? Micro influencers are people on social media who have a large following base; typically, between 1000 to 90,000 followers. So, they don't have the celebrity status but they do have a number of eyes watching them.

Micro influencers can increase your average weekly conversions up by 22.2%. Influencer marketing is comparatively inexpensive yet powerful marketing tactic to convert your leads. This is a new concept in marketing platform, so brands and influencers are still figuring it out on how to benefit from it mutually.

Paid Advertisements

Having an active social media profile for your business is just not enough in this age of tough competition. You require investing in paid advertising as well to increase your sales. Advertisements on social media platforms are highly effective tactic to drive a large audience to your business.

It is observed that Facebook hosts nearly six million advertisers and Instagram has two million paid advertisers by the end of the year 2017. One of the main reasons for paid advertising on such platforms is its flexibility of options. Platforms like Facebook allow choosing several demographics like location, age, and gender for displaying ads in front of a targeted audience. The inclusion of such demographics allows precise targeting. Your ads get displayed only in front of people who shall be interested in your business. This brings a maximum return for the input.

User-Generated Content

It is similar to free advertising but the effect is far more different. A user-generated content is like the recommendation from a loyal customer. And it is also one of the best ways to grow your business and make a brand value.

We all know how social media is flooded with hashtags. These hashtags can provide more visibility to your business and develop a sense of trust among your audience. Encourage your customers to talk about your company and post it on social media using hashtags. Another way is to post such content on your company profile.

Imagine how effective your brand value will be if all your customers used hashtags related to your business and promoted your products or services to their followers! Some of these followers might not even know if your brand existed in the first place.


Social media is developing at a lightning speed and so it is inevitable for all social media marketers to keep a close eye on these trends in 2018 and the years coming.

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