Top 5 Software Testing Tools You Must Consider for Your Startup Businesses In 2019

Even though development is the most critical phase for software startups, think of a tool or an app with various errors being introduced to the end-users. Being a startup, you should take care of not permitting any defects or errors harm your brand image. Automated and manual testing help to improve your web and desktop apps, both have their pros and cons.

In this article, I will tell you regarding software testing tools that you adopt for your startup. These can be used for generating test reports, running test scripts, and managing test cases.

1. QAComplete

The aim of every tester is improved control and visibility of the testing processes. However, they have to scare time and resources to apply a difficult test management solution or recreate the present test processes to adjust a new tool.

Some of the main features of this test include:

  • Jira Test Management
  • Reporting both manual and automated tests together
  • Seamless logging and bug tracking
  • Flexible test management

2. Kualitee

Kualitee is a powerful could-based software testing tool that supports both manual and automated testing. It offers a powerful dashboard, stress-free project management, requirement planning, test case management, defect management, automated testing, mobile app test management, APIs, No software hassles, laser focus visibility, flexible user control, multiple access mediums, formats, test cycles, enhanced security, email notifications, and user-friendly interface. In addition to this, it provides seamless integration with Jira, Selenium, Bitbucket, and Jenkins. This all enables you to perform your test successfully without any failures.

3. XQual

It is a scalable and flexible Application Life-cycle Management (ALM) solution that scores the whole delivery of your products and projects, from beginning to end

  • Products and releases
  • Requirements and specifications
  • Agile planning and tests
  • Test campaigns
  • Test reports and defects.

4. Zephyr

You must consider Zephyr when you need an amalgamated tool with all-in-one embedding. It is specifically developed to use Jira that assist performance management in multiple and single modes. It is a real-time and on-time test management solution that provides flawless integration, and real-time visibility of the software projects. Their feature-rich product fulfills current requirements across various industries encompassing software, IT services, mobile, healthcare, and finance. 

5. QACoverage

QACoverage is a software testing tool used to control and manage software test life cycles. The service encompasses the standard set of functions:

  • Explaining the product requirements
  • Writing the test cases
  • Setting and grouping them
  • Testing implementation
  • Reporting module
  • Bug defect tracker module

Furthermore, the developers are paying more attention to modifying all parameters and forums, making a complete menu tab by the name of Forum Builder. If you don’t utilize some field for defect or developing a test case, the admin makes separate forms for every project.

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