Top 6 features of Laravel that makes the platform a unique PHP framework!

When we talk about uniqueness in the field of information technology, Laravel is one of the interesting frameworks that we just cannot miss to converse about! As a matter of fact, Laravel is becoming one of the most popular PHP frameworks in the world of corporate. Yes, you heard it right! Corporate are bending towards Laravel, because of interesting features. 

Let’s talk about those features that make this platform so unique and popular:

  • Directory Structure: The latest updated Laravel framework comes with a new and simple structure in terms of a directory. The platform is realized on PSR-4 standards of autoloading which make all the classes of namespaces. The different folders of version, storage and configuration have switched from app folders to the directory.
  • Route Caching: The application with route registration tends to be slow generally. But with the unique feature on route caching, the procedure is quite faster and speedy in case of Laravel. Such a requirement plays a crucial role when the projects are huge as it requires a large number of routes to be processed on time. And this feature is implemented just with the process of deployment which makes it so quick.
  • Authentication System: With the help of inbuilt authentication in Laravel framework, the work of developers is realized to be simpler. They spend most of their time in correcting and authenticating the coding. But this time, since the authentication system is inbuilt, the coding procedure will become simpler and less time-consuming. 

  • System Support: This platform offers one of the unique features of supporting multiple file systems with the help of third party or external package of file systems. With this feature, developers can either choose to store the files on a local file or on the cloud-based store which helps in quite a simple configuration procedure.
  • Injection Method: When you see the versions before, developers had to find inversions of control that can help in providing an instance of the class. But with the unique feature of improved method injection, Laravel Developers can state a class instance of the hinted type under the signature of controller method.
  • Contracts: Sometimes as per the requirement of huge projects, developers declare a need for cache in a package. With the help of unique feature of contracts, they can easily access these packages with the help of cache/contracts/illuminate. With this feature, developers can access cache programming without changing the code of the entire package. 

Laravel Development company makes the platform worth programming. When we talk about corporate, they generally look for a platform that can handle the authenticity as well as prove the credibility of handling huge projects on a single platform. And well, what can be better than Laravel in such a case!

Such a platform enables secure systems and engaging apps that are interactive for the end users. With the help of modern and updated features, many corporations are charming with their better revenue sharing with Laravel PHP framework. So if you are looking for a similar segment, you know the answer to your queries now!  

Author Bio:

Ronak is the Co-Founder of Magneto IT Solutions. MIS is one of the fastest growing Web Development company based in USA, India, UK.

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