Top 6 Successful Industries/Careers of The Future

The advent of technology and change in management practices has created an economy in which several industries have been created and others wiped out. There are industries that are expanding by day and absorbing lots of professionals from other industries. The modern marketplace involves the intersection of industries that were previously not related. Successful industries nurture successful careers that necessitate new skills for the employees. To focus on lucrative, high-paying jobs, let’s restrict this list to those with salaries above the annual wage of $35,540.


I. Security Industry. The nature of security and crime rates have evolved significantly over the past few years. This has created a huge job in the security industry. This ranges from security assessments for multinationals, Cybersecurity as well as home security. This nature of threats and hazards evolves rapidly and the need for the ability to predict and adapt to these threats is very critical. Many universities are beginning to structure courses that cater to this industry. As the world become more precarious and unpredictable the demand for security skills both online and offline will continue to rise.


II. Social Media Management. Social media has revolutionized how we live, communicate, process information, consume entertainment and conduct our daily lives. Facebook and WhatsApp have more than 1 billion people, Instagram and Twitter have about 500 million each while snapchat, Weibo and Tumblr have over 300 million each. These demographics have revolutionized how firms carry out marketing. The jobs in the social media sector include social media management, blogging, content marketing, email marketing, graphics design, and media buying.


III. App Developers. If you are using your smartphone you probably access most of your content and communication needs through those apps. Studies show that smartphone users spend 84% of phone time on apps. That’s why every firm wants to have an app. You probably use Facebook app to communicate, while transacting using the PayPal app, playing games via angry birds app and shares your files using the dropbox app. This is what makes apps development one of the most lucrative careers in the IT industry. For anyone venturing into the app development sector then the prospects are good.


IV. Personal Finance. Most people are beginning to wake up to the fact that they need advice on personal finances. That’s what makes this industry so powerful. The boom in investment opportunities makes it a whole lot more lucrative. This industry mostly caters for the upper middle class and the rich as well as the noveau riche. Even the working class populations are joining the bandwagon as they seek to grow their personal finances, investment options and financial security. This could range from investing, savings, buying financial products, inflation, exploiting tax loopholes, and personal budgeting.


V. Admin Support. Lots of firms are running projects all over the world where they try to keep the overhead costs low. In such instances these firms will hire workers who can help them sort their paperwork and derive systems that will help keep track of the progress. Admin assistants enable such firms to conduct record keeping, finances, security, and supplies. There are also lots of SMEs that are quickly realizing the need for an expert hand in reorganizing and managing their administrative issues. Admin assistants are some of the most lucrative jobs in the market. Companies in all industries require some form of admin support if they are to function efficiently.


VI. Management Analyst. Management consulting has become a big industry generating lots of careers. Lots of firms are restructuring so as to be able to accommodate the changing technology and global markets. In turn, they need professionals who are able to advise them on technology adoption, employee remuneration, managerial structures, finance management and market penetration. Their analytical minds and real-world understand of company structures, and product development makes them such a valuable brains in the modern workplaces. This career has a projected salary range of $103, 400 which will is $40,000 more than the current rates.

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