Top Chat App Development Companies | Hire Best Instant Messaging Developers (iOS & Android)

Here is a quick list of the best chat app development companies you can bank to build a WhatsApp like chat app of your own.

The biggest boon of technology is that it has made communication easier. Instant Messaging apps have brought us together. If you are an entrepreneur looking for options to build a chat app to boost your business, read the article to get an in-depth idea on the API/SDKs used to design the top white label instant messaging solutions making a wave in the market and other technical stacks involved.

Instant messaging apps have surpassed social apps in monthly usage (BI Intelligence). Gartner, eMarketer and several other Think Tanks also affirm the throne position of instant messaging compared to other forms of communication, email and social messaging included.

List of Best Chat App Development Companies & Developers

#1 Mirrorfly- Instant Chat App API & Messaging SDK Provider

Headquarter: USA

Mirrorfly is a customizable instant messaging solution for group messaging, private chat and audio/video call across the platforms such as Android/iOS & Web. The messaging solution provides ideal Chat API and Messaging SDK for integration on third-party websites to maximize the engagement. This multi-platform accessible chat solution is wrapped with absolute powering features and backed by highly scalable cloud infrastructure.

Technologies: Ejabbered, Erlang language, XMPP Protocol, NoSQL, Amazon S3 Bucket Storage.

Toolkit: Chat API for Website, Messaging SDK for Android/iOS, Inbuilt WebRTC.

#2 Contus Fly— A Complete Chat App Development Solution

Headquarters: India & USA

Contus Fly is the best readymade solution to build business chat applications on Android, iOS and web, social and private use. The instant messaging solution is equipped with several utilitarian features like online presence indicators, real-time sync and storage across devices, push notifications, data streaming and much more. This app offers SDK for Android/iOS and chat APIs for customization.

Technologies: Ejabbered, Erlang language, XMPP Protocol, Cassandra Database, Amazon S3 Bucket Storage (Using Same as WhatsApp)

Toolkit: Chat API & SDK for Android, iOS & Web, Thirty party integration.

#3 Agora— Best Messaging SDK

Headquarter: USA

Agora is precise in its solutions, broadly dividing them into gaming and social networking solutions. They have provided voice, video, and data communication solutions to their clients on a global scale for any web or native application. Their features, apart from video and voice communication include interactive broadcast, interactive gaming, recording, and signaling. Agora’s SDK is an effortless trade built to integrate call functionality into app or websites. Their instant messaging API is straightforward and simple, making everything from documentation to integration a simple walk.

Technologies: WebRTC (Audio call, Video Call, Broadcasting)

Toolkit: Audio & Video chat API, Thirty party integration.

#4 Apphitect IM Solution — A Readymade Chat API & SDK Provider

Headquarters: Dubai & UAE

Based out of Dubai and spreading presence across the world, Apphitect is one of the leading chat application development company. The company has also developed its own ingenious Android, iOS and web chat app solution that can be customized endlessly to take on social, enterprise and personal chat app needs. Apart from the top chat app features, Apphitect IM Solution pops in some extra highlights like GEOLocation sharing, screen sharing, enterprise administration, virtual collaboration, etc. This instant messaging platform provides real-time messaging SDKs and APIs for Android, iOS and Web Applications and, therefore, enabling their users to create a flexible and scalable messenger chat of their own.

Technologies: XMPP Protocol, Ejabbered, Erlang language, Mnesia & MySQL Database, AWS S3 Bucket Storage

Toolkit: Having Chat API for Web and Messaging SDK for Android & iOS, Available Third party integration.

#5 SendBird— Best Chat SDK & API Provider

Headquarter: USA

SendBird provides chat SDK and API for both mobile apps and websites. The open channel allows 1000s of users to be present in a single channel that is ideal for internet-based communities and live-events. The spam protection feature SendBird provides is the highlight of this product. When chat rooms are built with SendBird, they provide a feature to block spams automatically. Other features include, auto language translators, scalability for a massive audience, structured messages, read receipts etc.,

Technologies: Nginx web server, Amazon EC2 Hosting, Django Framework, Maria DB, Amazon S3, Python Language

Toolkit: API Support, 3rd party Integration

#6 Applozic - Chat App Software

Headquarter: India

Applozic is an innovative, swift and securely developed messaging chat API and SDK that delivers customizable all-around packages. Their scalable API provides a wide range of features in its product. Message broadcasting, Multimedia support, smart messaging, push notifications, offline fallback mechanism, unlimited attachment mailing facility favors this instant messaging API on Android/iOS platforms.

Technologies: Bootstrap Framework, Java Languages, Google App Engine, MaxCDN

Toolkit: Having API and SDK, Available Third party integration.

#7 Quickblox — A Custom Chat App Development

Headquarter: UK

Quickblox provides a detailed account of their backend infrastructure of chat app, Chat API messaging SDK in a cross-platform propensity. Quickblox offers toolkits to assist developers to develop text, audio, and video-enabled source code that are compatible cross-platform. This has made them acquire a wide base of giant client base and have first-hand experience in developing chat apps for their varying needs with their highly flexible chat SDK.

Technologies: iOS, Android and JavaScript SDK with support for REST, WebRTC API

Toolkit: API Support, 3rd Party integration

#8 Cometchat — Chat Application Platform & Services

Headquarter: USA

Though the last in our listing, this messaging platform has one of the best Chat API and SDK for Android/iOS, have delivered collaborative chat applications to multiple clients that run on all platforms. Their SDK allows the chat apps built on them to mail through texts, call on voice and video calls on both mobile apps and web functionalities. They employ cloud storage for their app integrations for which they use their own servers.

Technologies: CakePHP, WebRTC support

Toolkit: Chat API for Web, Messaging SDK


While there are plenty of best team communication apps available for free in app stores, they cannot provide the utility and security of a custom-built chat app. These chat app development companies facilitate the process of building a chat app from the ground up.

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