Top factors involving in the selection of the ideal house fence

Adding a fence to your property creates a privacy factor as well as becomes aesthetically pleasing and that is why choosing the ideal one can make your perfect looking house a knockout!

While there are a plethora of fencing styles to select from, the truth is that the right one varies according to your specific needs. From understanding your budget to your preference based on the safety of your pets, all factors combined can influence your final choice.

We are here to make your endeavor simple by listing down the important factors you should consider before taking your pick on the fence. Read below.

Match it with your house

The first and foremost factor you should consider is the look of your fence as it will influence the final appearance of your house. If you do not choose a fence which gels in with the rest of the house’s look, you will be devaluing your property by thousands. Buying a metallic fence for a wooden house will be a bad option, for instance.

Usually, home value increases after one installs a fence. That is why it is better to opt for a fancier one if you want the value of your house to rise.

Know your Budget

Everyone has budget constraints and it is understandable. Before you pour all your resources into purchasing the perfect fence, it is best that you know about the total budget you would want to allocate for the task.

If you need to install a fence is dependent on your privacy and safety factors, an increased budget will make sense.

Safety and Security

Safety of your family members should top your priority list. Fences are great to add safety to your home especially if you have young children who prefer playing outdoors. As far as pets are concerned, fences can help them stay within an enclosed space without trouble.

If safety is your factor, Picket fence will not fulfill your criteria. Instead, opt for a fence which is high, which has fewer openings and the one which has a lock on it. A fence with flush boards and zero horizontal rails will do the trick as it will make climbing the fence for intruders difficult.


Privacy from your neighbors as well as strangers is necessary at one point in life. If privacy is your major factor affecting the choice of fencing styles, a low fence with designs will not cut the slack.

If you want privacy from prying eyes, you should opt for a fence such as paling, flat screen or a frosted glass design.

Block Wind

Sometimes strong breezes of wind can ruin the design of your garden and take all the plants with it! If you feel the wind is bothering you and you need to control it without losing sunlight and view, glass fences are the best option.

Here are a few more important notes you should be aware of:

Know the Area Codes!

Before taking your pick, it is best that you check the code your residential area has regarding fences. Most areas do not allow tall fences to be installed.

Get a map!

It is better to know what lies below your house before installing fences. Rupturing an important pipeline will not only add to your expense but will prolong the process!

Know your Size

Knowing about the dimensions of your house or specifically the fencing area will give you a heads up and will help in making the right fencing choice according to your budget.

Jim’s fencers are the best professionals to choose when you need to install or repair fences!

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