Top Free Wordpress Plugins for Digital Marketers

WordPress and Digital Marketers share an inseparable bond. They live with each other for most parts of the day. From tweaking behind-the-page codes of landing pages to publishing new blog posts, digital marketers rely on WordPress for anything and everything.

In case you a digital marketer, here are some Wordpress plugins that can make your life on the Internet world easier. And, they are all FREE!


The brains behind WordPress themselves have launched Jetpack. The founders have taken every possible measure to turn Jetpack into a launchpad for digital marketers to refine their WordPress website performance, traffic management, image optimization, website UI/UX and much more. You can turn ON or OFF website settings for viewing site stats, post promotion, content sharing, commenting based on social media accounts and so on. Further, on the security front, Jetpack alerts you on brute force attack symptoms, downtime instances, and similar security issues.


Spammy comments ruin the day for digital marketers. There comes in Akismet as a savior. It is a WordPress plugin to filter out spammy comments with URLs that flood blog posts ruining their search engine ranking. Akismet does a great task of filtering such spammy comments allowing only the worthy ones to go online. Further, it also gives information about approved comments per user. Akismet has a basic version which comes free of cost. There are other premium versions with advanced features which come with a cost.

Yoast SEO

SEO is a time-consuming process, not to mention the slouching that one has to do to make websites, including those on WordPress get ranked higher. Yoast SEO is a lifesaver for newbie digital marketers or those who want to manage SEO for multiple websites effortlessly. Yoast is a continuously updated WordPress plugin that helps check for key SEO factors like readability, keyword density, etc. before a post goes live.

Google XML Sitemaps

XML sitemaps communicate with search bots and index the web page for higher ranking in search results. But, creating an XML sitemap is not an easy task. Google XML Sitemap WordPress plugin makes it easy to create XML sitemaps with complete website structure that will help improve your search ranking results.

All In One Rich Snippets

Rich Snippets are extra bits of information that Google shows along with search results. It helps get more click throughs as it shows more information than usual search results. Rich Snippets come in the form of star ratings, stock level, video duration, etc.

All In One Rich Snippets helps create easily Rich Snippets. Otherwise, you will have to optimize the web page extensively with loads of information. Even still, the results cannot be guaranteed.

WP Smush

Digital marketers use plenty of images in their marketing materials. Most of these images are of HQ quality which eats too much of space causing the web page to load slower than accepted norms. Slow loading speed hurts search engine rankings as Google ranks first only those websites which have a loading speed under three seconds.

WP Smush helps reduce the image size without affecting its quality thus helping you win higher search engine ranking.

Wordfence Security

WordPress although a great CMS comes with several security drawbacks. Website owners and marketers need to protect themselves from inherent security threats with WP security plugins, which brings us to Wordfence Security.

Wordfence Security comes with high-level security features including malware assessment, real-time traffic monitoring, Firewall protection, login security and much more. This extension gives an extra layer of protection that comes with cheap RapidSSL certificates and similar encryption techniques.

Broken Link Checker

Broken links are a digital marketer’s nightmare. It takes so much of effort to make a user click a link and make them land on a landing page. If the link is broken and takes the user to an error page, it can create a poor impression about the website. There is also the risk that the customer might never come back to your website.

 Finding broken links from tens of thousands links can be quite an impossible task. Luckily, WordPress Broken Link Checker helps spot broken links easily so that you can fix them without further loss of time or visits.

Social Icons

Social sharing acts as a multiplier for post reach and publicity. Posts shared on social media enjoy maximum traffic and reactions than those achieved through organic search results. Thus, every digital marketer needs to have social icons along with their posts that will help them maximize their post’s reach.

 WordPress Social Icons plugin help do that with ease. You can incorporate up to 100 social media profiles into your posts with this plugin. Further, it can also be customized to show the social media icons in several layouts that best portrays your social media presence.

WordPress Landing Pages

The ultimate goal that every digital marketer strives to achieve is lead generation. Landing pages are funnels that collect, engage and convert visitors into leads. However, if a landing page is not properly optimized for lead collection, it will lead to a total loss of efforts.

 Plugins like WordPress Landing Pages help resolve that issues and turn your landing page into a lead generation machine. It is powered by Advanced Custom Fields framework that helps admins monitor and tracks conversion rates, run A/B testing, etc. to correct the lead flow.

 Extensions and plugins help maximize WPs effectiveness by arming admins with more utilities. These top plugins are the best fit for digital marketers who have to wield multiple hats to make their presence on the Internet seen.

 If you run a WordPress website, make sure you get these themes and extensions to maximize the productivity and effectiveness of your WordPress website. They will also reap benefits in providing additional security, lead generation, social presence and much more. WordPress will then be your best ally in digital marketing.

 Do you use any other WordPress Plugin that helps your Digital Marketing efforts? Let us know in comments.

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