Employees are the most important asset of the organisation. Every function that is being carried out within the organisation is managed by employees. Your workforce is collection of different minds; each employee having their own set of skills that make them appropriate for their job. However, employees are still humans; they face human problems and must be treated humanely. Hence, the establishment of Human Resources.

Every well-established organisation has some form of human resource department to deal with the grievances and issues of the employees. The human resource representatives are also responsible for the communication between the employees and the top management. A lot of research has been conducted on how important is human resources (HR) for the success of an organisation and many researches have been able to break the stereotype that HR is only responsible for recruitment, hiring and payroll calculation. Studies have justified how HR can help achieve the corporate goals and objectives; therefore, Strategic HR was developed and advanced tools to help with that.

Here are some top tips for achieving HR management success:

Staying Organised

This is an important tip; especially for large organisations which have a huge workforce. The HR is responsible for keeping up to date data on each employee and if the HR managers don’t stay organised, it can become quite a problem when things disappear at a time they are necessary to be presented. It is recommended that there should be an Intranet network so that data could be accessed even without internet. Having organised files on each employee also helps in multitasking which is quite common in the competitive environment.

Need of Clarity                                             

Employee issues can be quite vague. Every person is different and there could be varying perspectives on a single issue. Therefore, it becomes difficult to analyse situations. For example, an HR manger might find it difficult to decide whether it was discrimination or not, was there any harassment or not and similar confusing issues. Mostly, companies have pre-outlined policies for such matters but confusions can arise. Therefore, HR managers must have clarity about all facts to take right decisions.

Ethical Attitude

HR managers are supposed to solve problems and keep every party involved happy. The best way to solve issues and not make anybody unhappy is to handle the situation as discreetly as possible. Moreover, HR managers must practice maximum ethical behaviour when analysing situations. Patience plus keeping your anger and frustration in check is important.


HR department is highly responsible for keeping the paths of communication open among all employees. There should be two ways system of communication maintained between top management and the employees. Solving problems and addressing employee grievances can be difficult if there is a lack of communication.

HR department has a tough job. It is crucial to keep balance between implementing company policies and not to discourage an employee at the same time. This balance can be difficult to maintain at times and that is why HR has an important role. HR managers are trained and skilled in maintaining this balance.

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