Top Marketing Automation Funnels That You Need to Build Right Away

Email automation funnels are in great demand but what exactly are these? Well, these make the use of triggers for the purpose of sending out emails during the course of action of series of actions or just a particular action.

The complexity can vary right from the trouble-free “welcome” email to emails for targeting visitors after the completion of a detailed set of actions.

Irrespective of the kind of funnel that you have to set up, you will have to get some trusted marketing automation software.

Let’s take a quick look at some of the popular marketing automation funnels that you need to build right away.

1. Subscriber Welcome

Have you ever received a message like this one or simply subscribed to an email list?

Its complete absence will not leave a great impression, isn’t it?

When someone is basically subscribing to your email list, it ends up pays dividends for the purpose of welcoming them correctly.

This refers to:

• Thanking them for the subscription
• Giving them a reason to visit the site again in future also
• Giving confirmation for what they’ve subscribed to

2. Lead Development

If a visitor ends up downloading some of the content from your site in the form of eBooks or PDFs, or even an offer, then the chances are that he or she is interested in your services or products.

These are some of the signs that you cannot afford to ignore.

You can nurture as well as develop the leads by sending a handwritten email. But this can be a very time consuming approach. And you will also be wasting a lot of your energy. To save you from the hassle there are clever techniques like email automation. All that you need to do is come up with a funnel for the purpose of sending all the leads the same email. There is also a “better” option of setting up particular funnels for triggering diverse emails depending based on the content consumed.

3. Re-Engagement

Studies suggest that most of who subscribers to an email list are generally inactive in literal sense. This is basically a lot of unexploited potential.

Some of the best re-engagement emails include some catchy subject line. They will definitely provide subscribers a big reason to reignite their curiosity in the company and emails. This way they will be getting a good reason to revisit the website in the future as well (this can include a discount code).

This approach might appear to be counterintuitive to many, but it’s really a very clever approach.

4. Exit Emails

When any of the subscribers are requesting to leave your email list you need to act upon the request as soon as possible. Every request for exiting needs to be followed by a reply asking them to confirm their decision, and then you can give them at least one good reason to stay. You can also choose to alter the kind of regularity of emails they receive as an alternative to leaving altogether. Your whole focus should be on changing the strategy so that the subscriber doesn’t exit completely.

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