Spreadsheets are always a great place to start. Whether you are tracking costs, maintaining orders, or organizing leads. Spreadsheets are comfortable. They are easy to use. And, practically free. 

When it comes to tracking IT assets in your organization, there comes a time when the spreadsheets just can't cut it anymore. There are elements of risk and added costs when you are manually managing assets in a spreadsheet. Your IT assets are valuable, they cost you money, and some contain sensitive data. Therefore, you have to protect them and ultimately, replace those spreadsheets.

Here are some of the top reasons our customers have said goodbye to Excel and switched to AssetAware

  • Can view asset history - every action, cradle to grave
  • Eliminate the need for multiple spreadsheets managed by different people
  • Can access the application and data from anywhere
  • Can import new orders into AssetAware
  • Can export information for management 
  • Easy to search and retrieve information

For a small business, making accurate decisions about budget and resources is critical. But, finding a solution that is simple and easy to use like your spreadsheets is tough. We get it. We also understand you have other things to do besides keep track of IT assets. That's why we have made it as simple as your spreadsheets. Try AssetAware for free and finally ditch those sheets! Free trial: https://www.assetaware.net/free-trial/

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