Top Reasons Why Clients are Leaving your Law Firm

In this post, we will tackle some of the reasons why clients are leaving your law firm in favor of another business that they believe can do better. By understanding the root causes of their departure, it will be easier to improve your legal services and to deliver the highest level of customer satisfaction.

The Firm has No Time for Clients

At times, clients might feel that they are ignored by the firm, making them feel unimportant. To prevent this, the firm should consider using cloud based legal software. This will be beneficial in optimizing billing, managing casework, and staying on schedule, among other things. By using such a software, there will be more free time to attend to the needs of the clients and make them happy with the service that the firm provides.

Cost and Billing Issues

One of the most common reasons why they leave is because the price is too high. They might have found another law firm that can offer the same quality of service at a price that is more economical. Also, billing problems can also be an obstacle. Billing might be delayed or unclear. To prevent this from happening, using a software like Rocket Matter can be a promising solution.


Obviously, when the law firm is incompetent, the clients have no choice but to leave and look for another provider that can deliver more competent services. If the lawyer made a substantial error once, this is already enough reason for a big-time client to leave the firm. To fight incompetence in law firms, make sure to hire only the best people and provide them with continuous training.

Failing to Understand Needs of Clients

While clients can be cryptic at times, the firm should do its best to decipher their needs, even without the need to directly ask them. You need to understand what the clients want. The lawyer handling the case should have the expertise needed to satisfy client’s needs.  The more you understand the client, the more they will be satisfied. It may not be easy to determine the needs of your clients, but doing so can have a significant pay-off, especially in terms of making sure that they stay in your firm.

Poor Communication

It is important for clients to be informed of every progress in their case. They should be knowledgeable about what is going on, whether it is good or bad news. Proper communication is the key. The firm should constantly get in touch with the client. More so, the response should be immediate when a client has a query. Include personal touches in your communication. Also, communicate frequently so that clients will not feel that you have abandoned them.

Now that you know the reasons why clients might leave, be sure to do better and to keep your customers happy. Remember, when your clients are happy, the business will prosper. Take care of them like family and they will bring your business to the zenith of success!

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