Top Things You Will Love in Kentico11

Among the various tools we need for creating a new website, a right Content Management System is essential to manage the website effectively. Kentico is one of the best CMS available in the market today and we all are excited about the release of its latest version, Kentico11.

Being an integrated marketing solution, Kentico CMS system offers a wide range of out-of-the-box features with the affordable cost for businesses of any size. With every new update, Kentico aims to simplify its features to drive more usability for enterprise-level users. 
Let’s find out what are the best things developers will love in the upcoming version of Kentico 11 :-

 1. More integrations

Kentico 11 is coming with better marketing capabilities through the program with more integrations. eCommerce integration is the best for creating an eCommerce store with the platform, which will support product management, refunds & a new API. Another is Salesforce CRM integration that combines sales and marketing to reach the right audience effectively. Developers will have less code to integrate into 3rd party systems, more functionalities, and fewer problems.

2. Smart & Easier Search

The version 11 offers a smarter search functionality with the power of Lucene.NET that will retrieve accurate results within a fraction of the time. Having the support for Azure Search indexes, the cloud-based search service offers new capabilities like Faceted Search, scoring profiles, highlighting & more. Developers will be able to easily integrate the content of the existing site into Azure Search for great search experience. 

3. Better Ecommerce

As every ecommerce business follows multiple ways to sell the products or accept payment, Kentico 11 is offering shopping cart calculation updates that will resolve all rounding & calculation issues as the entire process is broken into logical steps. Another issue of payment is resolved with delayed payment capture that will be configured on your site using standard gateways without any customization. 

4. Marketing Features

Kentico 11 makes sure that both the requirements of marketers & developers are met properly with less custom code development & better ways to help business users understand their data. The new email builder will allow drag and drop creation of campaigns and newsletters. Also, the in-browser preview for mobile and desktop devices will be included, making developers spend less time building reports and modules. 

5. Ecommerce Tracking

Lastly, Kentico has added a new Google Analytics Ecommerce tracking so that developers can create custom reports for marketers and track them to boost sales by understanding the site traffic. Lesser custom tracking snippets and modules will be written by developers with this new tracking to meet different organizational needs.

As we can see from the points mentioned above, Kentico 11 is built with new improvements to make things easier for marketers and well as developers. With the new enhancements made, every Ecommerce web development company will be benefited as they will be spending lesser time customizing the whole ecommerce process. This latest version of Kentico is expected to be out by 29th November 2017. Let’s hope that Kentico 11 create a great digital experience for their enterprise-level clients with better usability.

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