Top Tips For Staying Mentally Well At Work

Physical and mental fitness are important in every workplace. Although you might know this already, you can turn your lunch break into a fruitful one (Healthwise). Here are a few tips how.

  1. Organize a picnic with colleagues. Avoid having your packed lunch on your office desk and take advantage of the clean air outside. Take a friend or two during lunch break and have your lunch seated someone outside while enjoying the summer sun.

  1. Organize a group activity. Group activities provide a great way to re energize and have fun. Instead of dozing off during lunch break, why not organize a game of football, guerrilla gardening, or a group walk. Outdoor activities are known to help distract the mind as well as reenergize it for the remaining hours according to Chicago psychiatrist Clarity Clinic.

  1. Take on a challenging activity. Sponsored marathons and walks can also come quite in handy and especially when held during the lunch hour. They provide an excellent way to stay active and keep the blood moving. Participating in such walks is not only fulfilling but also enables you to interact with other people.

  1. Learn to enjoy what you do. Handling tasks thrown your way positively is one of the best ways to avoid stress and depression. Experts recommend listening to calming music, or even whistling away as you tackle the tasks. Doing this should help reduce anxiety as well as encourage relaxation.  Put your earphones on, crank the volume and listen to your favorite jams as you work. This should block out any bustle in the office hence concentrate better.

  1. Learn to balance work and personal life. Learning to balance your personal life and work is another great way not only to enjoy what you do but also help you relax. Spending long hours at work only means you are working harder, which means reduced family time. This can also have an impact on your productivity, health, and concentration.

  1. Have a clear boundary between home and work. Working at home can be tricky at times. It is however best for you to designate an area where you can work on your project, and avoid bringing work to your home. Set aside times when you will spend with your family, and when you need to complete that project on a tight deadline.

  1. Create a To-Do list. Learn to create a to-do list for the next day. You should be able to plan your day much better this way. You should also work more efficiently this way.

  1. Take advantage of the time spend while commuting from work.  Most people will take this time to unwind, reflect, and even read a novel on their way back home. This is not only good for your brain but also helps you transition from work mode to family mode. Try getting off a few blocks from your house, then walk home.

  1. Learn to seek help. There are times when you will be overloaded with work. While trying to wade your way through all these tasks is recommended, it is good to ask for help when it seems too much. Talking to your manager, boss, or even asking a colleague to help would be the right thing to do.

These are just but a few tips on how you can make the most out of your lunch break for improved mental fitness. Physical activity and creating a balance between work and home hold the key to staying happy.

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