Top trends to Develop Effective and Robust Enterprise Applications

Mobile apps are highly useful in solving most problems in an easier way with few examples comprising of tracking calories, book a cab, online shopping, among others. It solves hell lot of problems and allows you meet challenges. Businesses using them get to enhance productivity which ultimately leads to higher ROI and this is owing to the latest streamlined processes.

Great Enterprise App Development Services assist businesses in developing, deploying and using custom mobile software in order to streamline their workflow and enhancing the productivity. 

Enterprise Apps allows businesses to keep a check on employee productivity, their daily activities, location and a lot more. These apps are also useful in rewarding staff by creation of milestone markers and accomplishments. You can develop an app to structure each procedure and process that must be followed by a worker and it also facilitates collaboration between departments minimizing communication issues.

5 Big Enterprise Application Trends of 2016:

1. Security is imperative:

Cyber attacks have now become a trend. Even though it involves the risk to create unsecured applications, a number of them comprise of serious vulnerabilities. A study shows that more than 75% of web applications are dealing with major authentication issues and even though there are security breaches, companies make constant efforts to have security as the topmost priority in the app development endeavors.

2. Citizen development will explode:

Application development is an intimidating process both for business as well as for their IT departments. Let’s first endeavor to understand the process: It starts this way. Whenever the business requires a new mobile application solution, a request is forwarded from their IT team and then the wait begins. In the meantime, their IT department gets overwhelmed with new application requests which it’s nearly impossible for them to complete each development project as quickly as required by the business.

All this way as they fail to development each project, they keep on adding new application requirements and requests, which overloads them further. This is the reason that businesses with imperative and intricate application projects start to bypass their overloaded internal IT team and seek solace in external cloud solutions and third-party IT teams and app developers. This model is said to be “Shadow IT”.

Shadow IT allows business users to have quick solutions despite various issues with major with security troubles. When the company’s own internal IT department doesn’t have great knowledge of how to store, use and manage business information, they sure can’t understand if it’s safe and secure as well as how they can ensure that it’s kept in that manner.

3. Responsive/Adaptive Design Disappears:

Responsive design is an amazing way to create websites useful in adapting to various screen sizes. They are actually similar to responsive designs with a separate page for each device type. Adaptive designs work best for web apps whereas responsive is suitable for web designs. Both adaptive and responsive designs that useful to deliver applications that adapt to any device. As the mobile usage responsive or adaptive designs turn table stakes you don’t require to think whether to build responsive or adaptive applications or not.

4. Hybrid app adoption is boosted:

With the increased use of mobile phones, both business employees and customers are keen to access enterprise web applications on their phones. Earlier there was this prediction that the demand for enterprise app development is going to enhance by five times in 2017. And now it’s easy to access web application on mobile devices. Users are free to access the same applications via Smartphone’s and tablets resulting in increased demand for hybrid apps. This way the challenge in faced with the requirement for fast development and the lack of skills. These are the major challenges faced by the developers in native app development. Hybrid apps are more in demand owing to reduced cost and enhanced performance.

5. Robust web applications through Front-end technologies:

With the growth of technology, users have begun egging on more responsive web applications able to compete with native mobile apps. Thus the emphasis is more on front end technologies that easily puts more of the application in a browser.

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