These days, it is very hard to have any kind serious conversation about marketing without, at some point, completely wandering off into the cyber realm. And truly, the extent in which internet has affected the entire business landscape, marketing included, is still hard to grasp, let alone assess. So, how does this, seemingly obsolete approach to reaching out to your customers holds up in a world ruled by social media, SEO, and Google ads? The answer is surprisingly well.

Reaching Out to Older Audience

The reasons behind this are numerous. Let us first point out that number of web-literate people who use internet on daily basis, although growing with each second, still covers only a part of potential customer pool. Amongst the remaining people is the older audience which still prefers to receive information about some product through more conventional channels, and does not have too much confidence in marketing messages received on the web.

Raising the Mass Brand Awareness

Still, saying that traditional marketing is appealing only to otherwise hard-to-crack older population would be grossly unfair. Some of the traditional marketing methods can raise the brand awareness amongst the internet-consuming population much more than any of the online marketing approaches. For example, we are currently witnessing a sort of renaissance of appealing personality-fronted TV commercials (e.g. “The Man Your Man Could Smell Like”), so if you have any doubts how you should breach the mass awareness, giving your brand a unique TV persona, would be a good place to start.

Incentive Marketing

As of now, we mostly observed marketing as a complete message you are sending to your audience hoping it will gain their attention, or even better earn sympathy. It takes only a second, however, to remember that traditional marketing also covers various incentives aimed at increasing sales, and see an entire range of “offline” marketing options.

  • Referral programs: The best thing about referral programs is that, essentially, you are leaving yourself out of the equation and letting your customers do the marketing instead of you. And an advice from an old friend will always be more valued than some artificial marketing message.
  • Gamification of purchases: Gamification of purchases is not only a very efficient way to boost the sales, but also to generate the positive word-of-mouth. Ironically, some of the best received gamified activities do not include purchases in any form at all.
  • Promotional products: Rewarding your customers for their purchases with branded promotional products can go a long way in pushing your brand name further into the masses.

Network Marketing

Although it is constantly being looked down on, it is very hard to dispute the efficiency of network marketing. Just remember that Avon fought its way onto the Fortune 500 list almost exclusively by the efforts of the tireless MLM Avon army and you will see that network marketing is actually a force to be reckoned with. If you are running a small, local business, this may also be one of the best ways to make a strong foothold in your area.

Combining Traditional and Online Marketing

Finally, it should be mentioned that traditional and online marketing not only do not have to work against each other, but they are the most efficient when they complement each other. Take for example Starbucks which, in spite of all of its online success and a number of viral online campaigns, still uses various promotional items to reward their loyal customers. Will you use some universal reward, like for example universal gift card, or you will opt for something from your business’s portfolio is entirely up to you.

As we can see number of useful ways in which it can be implemented in today’s internet-ruled world, proves that traditional marketing is far from being dead. Do not write it off yet, your business can only benefit from diversifying its marketing approach.

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Comment by Joe Lawrence on April 20, 2016 at 1:45pm

I love it. Everything in moderation, and digitalizing your marketing is no different!

Comment by Lilly Adams on April 22, 2016 at 3:30am

Thank you!


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