Every business needs goals and SMART goals ensure that your goals are specific, measureable, attainable, relevant and timely.  While my previous article looked at how to set achievable goals using the SMART goal system, here I explain how to turn these goals into reality.

Using a SMART Goal Action List

SMART Project Action List

I use a form of the template above (and please email me if you would like the Word version), creating a project for each goal.  While setting your SMART goals is easy to do, achieving them can be more difficult.  The template will help you to:

  • Outline your project and show how it aligns with your goal, business vision and mission.
  • Create the strategy, scope and rationale for your project.
  • Break your goal down into milestones and then into achievable tasks.
  • Set a timeline for each milestone and task.
  • Identify resources needed to complete the project.

Tips to turn your goal into reality?  Please comment below sharing any tips that work for you, likewise comment on where you come unstuck!  My tips would be to:

  • Share your goal with 3 to 5 people.  Finding supportive, positive people is key.
  • Complete one action per day.  This will keep you feeling positive and motivated.  Consistent progress is better than spending hours on your tasks 'now and then'.
  • Assemble all the information needed at the start of your project in order to avoid those judder bars.
  • Reward yourself.  It's not easy fitting a project and realising goals into your busy day.  When you achieve a milestone or finish a particularly onerous task - do something nice for you!
  • Make sure your goals count.  If your goal is not something that aligns with where you want to head personally, you probably won't achieve success.

And have fun!  You set goals because they are important and necessary for your business to improve.  The sense of achievement once you tick of your tasks, milestones and finally mark your SMART goal as completed is priceless.

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