The greatest redesign of the Uber app will attract many users around the world. Almost all the Uber user will like it. Uber demoed the app; it was much faster, smarter, and easy to navigate. It has more interesting things like cost and estimated time travel. The redesigned Uber app has all the good things. The increased speed of the app, usability and transparency are highly welcomed. The important fact for a Uber app is not about how faster the app loads, it is about how faster the app learns from the user’s routines or how it look back into the user’s calendar for finding the address of the meeting place. Uber Company calls the redesigned Uber app as Uber Feed.

Uber has been taking passengers from point A and drops them at point B, for years this process has been repeated, with the help of technology and innovation Uber has achieved great heights since its establishment. Now, Uber Feed fills the gap between the point A and point B.

The Project Manager who led the redesign, Yuhki Yamashita, said that, as soon as the driver starts the trip from point A the app starts to experience the transforms. Swiping the screen up will make the user to move through the list of services. Uber feels these things will be useful during the trip.

If the passenger feels hungry during the trip to home from work, swipe left to enter the UberEats service, it will show the restaurants which can deliver food by the time the passenger reach home.

If the user is on the way to a restaurant, the yelp card will help the user to browse the popular dishes and find out their reviews. If the passenger is getting late, there is a Snapchat with the custom filters in the Uber Feed; it updates the neglected dinner date on the user’s ETA. That is the idea about Uber Feed.

Uber’s CEO, Travis Kalanick, says that, by having the set of experiences and the information that are provided to the user while they are in the car, which can make the trip more better and the user will have more information regarding the destination. It will be the kind of in-flight entertainment and the more useful one.

For the starters, it is like reimagining the weakest part of the on-demand transportation experience that is the car ride.

The UX designer and the user on-boarding, Guru Samuel Hulick says that, many people will not have joyrides in an Uber. Watching the car scoot on the map is the least charming part of the Uber app, which is a kind of equivalent part of the progress bar. Understanding the purpose of the customer’s trip and thinking in what way Uber can help the customer to fulfill their purpose beyond transportation will make a lot of sense to the company. Uber Feed makes the screen real estate to the better use, which turns the mind numbering experience to the productive experience.

Many can be accomplished earlier, outside the Uber app.  Smart phones have made the mankind extremely skilled and it is killing the time also. Whether it is Twitter or Facebook or Clash of Cans or any other thing, people will have their own way divert themselves in Uber. So what is the need of Uber Feed?

Need of Uber Feed

In addition to all the contextual awareness, keeping all the activities of oneself in one app could save some amount of time. One of the most important features in the third-party integration in Uber Feed is, the user’s phone’s voice assistant or the user’s favorite messaging client, they will limit the time the user spend on switching between the apps. Increasing and capitalizing the time, which users spend on the app will make the Uber app more relevant.

As the things become tricky and complex, these things become tough. The third-party integration is very much fashionable. But it is harder to do well. WeChat, the Chinese messaging company has seen the huge success. Hundreds of millions of people in China use WeChat as their messaging platform, they use WeChat to, talk with friends, order food, play games, book a flight and for many other purposes. All the works can be done in a single messaging interface. In the US, the messaging apps such as, Facebook Messenger, Google Allo and iMessage have the similar features, but they have a pretty limited access in functionality not in the scope of services.

Uber Feed will also face the similar challenges. At the start, the list of partners with the Uber Feed will be small. UberEats will be available at the time of launch. Yelp, Snapchat Pandora, Foursquare and transit integration will be added soon.

It is easy to imagine improving the product with the features like, weather, news and having the partnerships with the local business. But it is more important to find whether people are getting benefits from the services in the first attempt and then to improve the product with the third-party services. Uber Feed is designed with the intention of predictive and personalized based on the user’s destination.

It is important to know how often people do people have the need for the information. The founder of UX design and consulting firm, Adaptive Path, Jasse James, said that, if the passengers is on the way to the restaurant, how many of them will decide what to order in the restaurant, in the car itself. And among the people who feel the compulsion, the question is that, how often do they feel it?

That is the problem with the smart recommendations, they can only predict, if that doesn’t work then there are the chances to fail.

Uber will be leveraging the ride data to face the challenges, by overcoming these challenges, Uber has updated Uber Feed. It speaks about why Uber wants its redesigned app Uber Feed to get success in the first time. The more the user lives in the Uber’s eco system, the more data it can collect, the more data it has the more it can convert into ideas. The company knows everything about the customer, and the time spent is up to the customer.

Uber’s change in its User Interface will rate where the company is in the business. The company’s self-driving project has the larger vision, it aimed to produce the complete self-driving cars in the future, which means that without the single touch of the human and Uber is working hard to meet this vision.

Future plans

The latest version of the app aims to provide a better social life to the user, by making it easier to find friends. People are the new places for Uber. The company will soon provide the option to just type the friend’s name as the destination instead of their address. The user will get an update regarding the friend’s place and then the driver will take the passenger to that location.

This seems like the failure is going to become the reality. But before sending the exact location through the app, the user has to get their friend’s permission and it continues every time. As soon as the friend’s name is entered, a request will be sent to the friend, and the friend should accept the request from the Uber, once the requested, the driver will take the user to that place.

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