Understand Users Requirement for Event Ticketing App

Event ticketing app can do wonders to any mobile app development company looking to extend its market presence. It can provide its clients with an exquisite platform that allows users to book tickets for events, concerts, etc. easily.

Event ticketing software can be developed with various distinct features. You need to understand the user requirements of the event ticketing solutions that you wish to offer. Some of the key user requirements are:

1. Event marketing tools

Event management software has all the necessary features which allow the businesses to promote their event in order to reach to the wider online audience as well as gain valuable leads. Marketing channels often include email marketing, social media, and blog sites. These tools may vary, but the various solutions feature the most basics like an integrated mailer, event website builder and event calendar.

An event web builder actually established a particular landing page for the business’s pitch as well as online registration. Most of the event ticketing solutions generally feature plug and play web builders with the functionality of drag and drop that allows anyone to create various event pages without any hassle easily. A mobile version can easily be features which often considers the various participants to access the landing page from their own smartphones. A mailer can cull the information for the entire online registration for various email marketing campaigns. You can easily send emails to different event stages with particular specific themes which nurture leads, encourage feedback as well as send reminders or even call to action for the early registrars.

The mailer can easily be branded by the business with personalized merge fields in order to lend to the entire message much more engagement. This mailer can easily track real-time data as well as display sponsorships since this platform is more Kiley to be part of the media values to the respective sponsors. An event calendar, whether it is integrated or inbuilt, can easily show the participants with various programs that are plotted across the different event dates. Some of the online ticketing software allows the participants to easily click to a particular date or even program on the given calendar from where they can easily reserve any slot.

2. Registration of Online Event

One of the most significant features of the event ticketing solutions is the shift of entering the various registration details from the event organizer to participants. It is duly made possible by online registration where the participants can easily key in their detailed information directly into the given event database. Various sophisticated solutions often allow for multi-session registration where the guests can easily opt for any specific event program or workshop to attend. In order to protect the entire integrity of the data against trolls and spam, these systems can often feature restrictions like a unique ID system or registration code for every guest. The same database can easily be used for event marketing as well as on-site processing.

3. On-site event management tools

On-site tools make sure that the fast processing and clockwork precision of guest arrivals is done seamlessly. Cloud solutions also enable any system connected with the internet to act as an on-site self-service kiosk for registration for any walk-in participant. Online or mobile payments allow the guests to easily complete their transaction through the credit or debit card or any particular payment gateway. It allows the registration team to focus on the checking in the attendees easily.

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Labels and badges are printed accurately from a given central database. Payments can easily be cross-checked from any online portal as well as invoices can easily be printed on demand. Same can be done for documents such as agendas and brochures.

4. Management of Budget

It is another key feature that assists in monitoring funds, estimate the expenditures as well as calculate the savings. This particular module actually captures all of the event transactions and makes sure that the entire accuracy of the budget details is done with high precision from granular line items to high-level estimates which results in precise ROI. It also helps in tracking quotes and deals along with actual payments made and even evaluate the average cost per every participant in order to assist you to scale estimates.

5. Feedback Survey

Some event ticketing solutions often provide a method to elicit feedback on the given event. It allows you to easily gauge the success or even the failure of the event and helps in shaping future events. A survey can easily be personalized for a given targeted audience. The various issues raised by a survey can easily assist in avoiding them in the future while the benefits that you get from the feedback can easily be replicated and built on the upcoming events.


Event ticketing solutions have revolutionized the event industry. In order to organize a successful event, you need to know the user requirements of the given event ticketing app. Above mentioned requirements clearly outline the vital aspects of such online ticketing software.

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