Understanding the concept of bounce rates

What is a bounce rate of a website?

The literal meaning of bounce is to jump off. The bounce rate of a website refers to the action of a visitor to the website which makes him leave the website. It is vital and basal information for a website owner as well as the SEO services company India lets them know whether the website is a success or not. There are several reasons because of which a bounce can occur. They are:

• Hitting off the back button on the browser by the visitor

• Closing off the browser

• The visitor clicking on one of the ads

• Use of the search box on the browser

• Clicking on the external links which lead the visitor out of your site

• Typing a new URL on the website

The occurrence of one or more of the above bounces helps the Website Designing services to rectify the mistakes which cause these bounces.

What are the reasons for the increase in bounce rates?

It is a proven fact that content of a website is detrimental in deciding the fate of the website and this is the most important factor which can increase the bounce rates of a website. Illogical or incomplete information put haphazardly together in an inefficient manner can push the visitor of your website increasing the bounce rates.

How is the bounce rate for a website calculated?

There is a formula which can be used to calculate the bounce rates which is:

• Bounce rate = visits that did not go beyond the first page / the total number of visits

This can be explained with an example where if the total number of visits are to be assumed as a 10000 per month and the number of visitors who did not go beyond the first page of the website due to the above-stated reasons may be a 600 then the bounce rate is calculated by 600/100 which is equal 60%. 

Bounce rates are always preferred on the lower side as it means that the visitors are experiencing a high engagement level on your website.

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Comment by Alina Woodman on August 26, 2017 at 12:24am

Increasing bounce back rate are extremely important if you are in the services business. 


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