Understanding the Difference between VGA and SVGA Cables

For connecting display to the signal source, you need to have a cable. In case you need analog signals, you can use VGA cables that are built exactly according to SVGA monitor cable standards. As the SVGA standard did not modify the electrical standards of VGA, SVGA cable is not very different to VGA cable. In fact, they are pretty much the same and VGA monitor cable can also replace SVGA. Through this blog, we will acquaint you with the similarities and differences between these two cables.

How to differentiate between VGA and SVGA?

SVGA monitor cables are better than VGA cables when it comes to keeping the signals intact and perform better when VGA cable signals start deteriorating. This is because SVGA cables are thicker and have better shielding. Some of these cables have gold plated pins which help to improve transmission happening between the male plug and the female port. But if you want this kind of enhancement, it might cost you a lot. Also, SVGA cables are a little expensive in comparison to VGA cables.

When should you buy SVGA Cables?

Sometimes, buying SVGA cables is quite a waste of finances as VGA can perform the same job as SVGA and costs you less. Especially if you are connecting devices that are close to each other, you will not find any difference in the performance of both the cables. But whenever you have to connect devices which are more than 10 feet away from each other, VGA cables might not be a good choice. This is because the signals can degrade affecting the picture quality being displayed. So for establishing connections between long distances, SVGA cables are a better choice.

If you think that SVGA cables are expensive and are not willing to spend much, you can also increase the length by using other techniques. All you need to do is to buy VGA cables having signal enhancers or repeaters that reconstruct the signal, and enable you to connect devices distant from each other. Feel free to choose one of the two cables according to your needs.

To Conclude

From the above mentioned information, we can conclude that

  • SVGA and VGA cables have similar characteristics
  • SVGA cables are more robust in design as compared to VGA cables
  • Buying SVGA cables can prove to be expensive
  • When you want to connect devices that are distant from each other, SVGA cables are a better choice.

You can visit different websites offering computer cables and connectors and know more about these cables and their characteristics. In case of any confusion, you can also get in touch with one of the experts at these firms who will be able to provide you all information about the type of cable you should buy based on your utility. Once you have the clarity you need, you can order for your SVGA cable at cost effective prices.

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