Useful Tips To Create A Mobile App For Your Business

From the most useful things to utterly useless stuff, there’s an app for everything and, is able to satisfy the need of every associated and relevant users. With digitization at its peak, everybody is trying to access maximum customer base, by maximizing the potential of their business through digital platform. It has become the single largest source of information dissemination and broadcast. But, just creating a mobile app without proper research and relevance can prove to be futile. Mobile app development is a continuous process of critical thinking and precision and, should be considered so always. Often, we miss the aim by a few margins because of overlooking  of some vital issues. Let’s take a look at what are the shortcomings while developing mobile apps, how to overcome them and other useful tips to create a successful mobile app for your business.

Strategies The Mobile App Development Process: Envisioning the app is a dynamic process and, it should constantly be done to make the app better. Know what your customers want. Place yourself in their shoes and imagine, would you install this app if you were the end user? The introspection is quite useful, and helps in coming up with a better solution.

Uniqueness: A lot rides on the flavor that your app brings into the mobile universe. Users won’t go for an app that has nothing new to offer and, is boring and mundane. A successful app is the one that brings something new to the platter. A user won’t be flattered if, the app repeats the content of your website and might prefer visiting the website or using some other app that has something better to offer.

Picking apt features: An app, with a plethora of features or irrelevant ones, is bound to bomb when launched. Users look for an app that resonates with their requirements. An app may contain minimal features, but if they are relevant, it can be downloaded a million times, while on the other hand, if an app serves the opportunity to perform two completely different tasks, it might irk the user.

Short, Simple & Sweet: Consider an example of a shopping app. When we make a purchase, we generally become impatient with the checkout process and would like to fill as less of details as possible. The app should be designed without ignoring the behavioral aspect of the user. A simplified app with simple but unique features will fetch more users than a complex app. A special focus should be on the content of the app. A lot depends on how the content engages the users. An unconventional, out of the box content, could amuse the user and make the app go viral.

One Step at a Time: Set small and achievable milestones for the app. Release one feature after another. This way, the user doesn’t get confused with the overload of functionalities and can exploit the app to the fullest. Also, it becomes easy for the enterprise to identify what features are liked and disliked by the user and a roll back or release can further be pondered upon accordingly.

Diversity: With the introduction of smartphones, the gateway to different platforms for their operations has also opened. The app development process should be carried out, keeping in mind, the different platforms available. For instance, iOS is popular but Android has a bigger market share. An app should serve multiple platforms for wider audience outreach and business aspects. Also, the demography should be kept in mind. An app should be made available to the users worldwide to have maximum exposure. An app for a local audience might not garner much hits as compared to an app that’s launched for users worldwide. Introducing native languages in the content part of the app could also prove to be a positive attribute for the enterprise and help a lot in user engagement from different parts of the world.

Go For The Kill: An app should be marketed as a revolution. It should make the end users feel that it’s something entirely different from what they see on the website. Preach the app in a way that user feel that moving to app would prove to be better than surfing the website. Engage the users with attractive offers exclusive to mobile apps, push messages etc. Make them feel special.

Be Vigilant: A business can face severe consequences, if the resources are kept unchecked. Apps are no exceptions. A real time track of the performance, conversion and everything else in between should be kept under check using tracking tools and analytics. It helps identifying the merits and demerits of the app, and lets the business know where and how to act to ameliorate an issue.

Freebie: People go berserk for things that are available for free. Its human tendency and isn’t always bad. To make an app viral, introduce it for free. There’s always an option for in-app purchase, through which revenue can be generated.

Let The Users Advertise: This should be considered as one of the key aspects of a mobile app development process. The best way to have your app advertised is by the users. If a way can be devised, wherein, the users themselves ask their peers to join the network, the app can become an instant hit. App then thrives on its viral feature.

Realism: An app’s litmus test is when users gather and provide the much needed feedback and constructive criticism. This is one of the pillars of the mobile app development process. Releasing a beta version of the app to selected or willing users, tracking their usage at a given place and time of their choice, can help a lot in identifying the drawbacks and working on it, and also enhancing the positives for even better user experience.

Buttery Smooth & Lightning Fast: An app should be anything but slow. A slow app, that bogs down the processing capabilities of the device, suck the juice out of it and has it frozen, isn’t desired at all. In this fast paced world, people would want nothing that consumes a huge chunk of their time, which they’re already running short of. During the mobile app development, the focus should also be on how light, and quick functioning the app is. An app that requires a lot of space, is also undesirable to the users.

An app is a hit when these parameters are kept in check but the conceiving of the idea and giving it a life, is the real challenge. Businesses these days have competitors and the competition is real and tough. To have the edge over others, the concept conceived should be unique and the development stages should be carefully planned and executed. Not every business is into the field of technology and might not get things right when they foray into one. That’s where we step in. We are Techugo, a  mobile app development company in India. We know the basics and advance of the technology side of the business and, can help your business foray aggressively to the front line ahead of your competitors, because, we know exactly what it takes to beat the best and be the best. We have team of expert app developers, who have hands on experience with creating mobile apps best suited for your business. We closely listen to our clients, understand the concept deeply while keeping in constant touch with them and have their inputs considered and implemented to get the desired result.

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