Vaping and Electronic Cigarettes: The Future for Tobacco Brands

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While e-cigarettes were invented during the 1960s, it is only in recent years that they have seen a huge rise in popularity, with a variety of tastes and flavours for users to choose. There are now retailers selling electronic cigarettes on almost every high street, hoards of new ecommerce e-cigarette businesses popping up, and a constant increase in the number of loyal vapers.

But are electronic cigarettes just a trend? Are they here to stay? And if so, are the big brands prepared for this new market?

What is the Future of Vaping?

While there some who believe that vaping is just as bad, or even worse, than smoking cigarettes, the general consensus is that in terms of impact on health, vaping is far better for you. In fact, results of this new study carried out with ex-smokers has for the first time, proven the long-term benefits of vaping, as results showed a reduction in the number of cancer-causing agents and toxins in participants after a six month period.

However, new updates to the European Tobacco Products Directive (TPD) means that the regulations will now also include electronic cigarettes and as such, many manufacturers will have to prepare for change in order to create products that meet EU regulations. While complying will be an expensive nuisance to many companies, it could also increase consumer confidence. When combined with new scientific research showing the health benefits, the popularity of vaping is bound to continue to grow, both amongst current users and those who have yet to try e-cigarettes.

Big Brands Must Prepare

Many electronic cigarette start-ups have seen success in this popular market, leaving some of the big cigarette companies behind. However, while some of the big brands may be troubled by the increase in sales of electronic cigarettes, it seems that others are already preparing for the future.

One such example is BAT (British American Tobacco), whom in addition to owning a number of well known cigarette brands, have expanded into this new vaping territory to include Nicoventures Trading Limited, which consumers will recognise as Vype. By selling both tobacco cigarettes and e-cigarette options, brands will be able to compete in both end of the market.

Although the popularity of vaping is bound to raise questions about the future of cigarettes, especially in the board rooms of the biggest tobacco brands, and while updates to the TPD will mean changes to the way e-cigarettes are tested, developed and produced, it seems that vaping is here to stay and big brands must be ready.

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Comment by Jeorge Waters on November 25, 2019 at 4:14pm

I would say "the future WITHOUT tobacco brands". And the tendency is clear. People give up smoking worldwide in favour of other habits like vaping. Just view this page and read about the news of this industry. I believe this will be useful for people who want to give up tobacco smoking.


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