WannaCry Ransomware Can Become the Biggest Virus Attack in History

A huge outbreak of WannaCry ransomware is reported to start yesterday May 12. WannaCry blocks access to data files and requires a ransom for unlocking them. Some security experts call it the biggest virus attack in history.  

On Friday, home users, hospitals, and telecommunication companies around the world became victims of cyber extortionists.

The speed with which the malicious program spreads causes an alarm. Once it gets into the system - it moves through its infrastructure very quickly and it cannot be stopped. Within few hours, 200,000 computers in 70 countries were infected all over the world, including Russia, Turkey, Germany, Vietnam.

Victims have only three days to pay the ransom to hackers. After that, the price will double. And if victims of the hacker attack do not pay within seven days, they will lose their files forever.

Infosec experts say hackers could use cyber weapons stolen from US spies. According to private security companies, the WannaCry virus uses a known vulnerability in Microsoft's Windows operating system.

The code was made public last month by the group ShadowBrokers as part of the hacking tools, which, according to the representatives of the group belongs to US intelligence.

How to deal with this?

1. Make a backup copy. If you have a backup, this virus is not dangerous to you.

2. Always be aware of the of information security news. It is necessary to follow such informational blogs as Security Lab, Dark Reading, and others.

3. Update your operating system and software. Test your system for known vulnerabilities.

4. Do not open files and attachments from people you do not know. Do not click suspicious links in instant messengers. Often, malicious files are sent under the guise of letters from accountants, or unpaid fines from the traffic police.

In case your computer is already infected, follow this removal guide.

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