Want To Avoid SD Card Problems? Follow these tips

An sd card is the most overlooked piece we have, as a memory card has a lot of responsibility to hold. If one becomes corrupted, or it develops some problem, a person can lose all the photos in a shoot.

In most cases, an sd card gets corrupted, and you can’t even find a reason behind it. Well, to avoid this potential disaster, you can always adopt actions that can help you to avoid the corrupts and keep the data secure.

Let’s look down on some ways where you can avoid the problems that may arise with your memory card! This article is the perfect guide for those interested in corrupted sd card recovery.

Format a new card immediately!

It’s always a good idea to format a card whenever your device has been cleared or it’s ready to start fresh. This process helps ensuring the card to recognize the file format suited in your device. So, before you format a new card, make sure that you directly format it in your device rather than putting it in the reader slot of your computer. This is absolutely necessary to do, or else you might get into a big headache later on.

Format instead of choosing ‘delete all.’

If you want to delete all your images and files from your sd card, you must try to format it rather than selecting the deleting option. According to the reports, many people continually delete all the photos which can cause a corruption problem. On the other side, formatting also helps to fix the disk errors that may have occurred on the previous shoot.

Eject the card before pulling it out of the reader!

You must make sure to use the proper ‘eject’ function on your device before you pull out a memory card from its reader. Even if you are not using it yourself, but still your device will be accessing the card for some or other reason. So, if you eject the card from the invention, the device eventually stops in communicating with the card. It is one of the safest ways to avoid the SD card corruptions.

Turn your camera off before removing the sd card

You should turn off your camera first. This is the same way, you eject the card before removing it from the reader. If without warning the card is being read, or it is used to store down something,  it becomes a perfect time for a memory card to get corrupted.

Try not to use the same SD card on multiple devices

Even the devices of the same brand have different requirements and structures, so you must not try to insert the same card again and again in different devices (without reformatting it). If you do this, you will instantly run into the card corruption which could have been easily  avoided by following this simple rule.

Keep your cards stored safely

To ensure your card and data is safe, you must make sure that you are storing your cards safely in a good and proper case. If you keep it loosely in your pocket or your bag, the cards could easily get corrupted and will make it unreadable which is not good!

Never shoot when your device memory is low!

Your device memory is as important as your card, so you must not skimp on the batteries to avoid the pushing of it to the limits. If you are ejecting your SD card in low battery, there can be a chance that you could lose your essential data. To prevent the loss, you must switch out your batteries as soon as your device shows that the current battery is low.


Above I have mentioned some ways through which you can avoid and prevent the SD card corruptions and problems. As there is always a first time in where a person loses its precious images and videos, but with our steps, you can definitely avoid such disaster moments. Comment below if we have helped you to give out the best tips for avoiding the sd card corruptions, you can also share your own stories about your sd card woes. 

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