Want to know about back-end development? Here is everything you want

When we say Back end, we get the idea that its something which may be hidden or not visible to us. And so it is, Back end of any web application is the part which is not visible to the users but that all is visible to the administrator or developer of that application or website. Front end developer has the work to do with the designing part and the Back end developer has to make all the things work that has been designed. 
For example:- If a user clicks on a button requesting some information about something, then it’s the task of back end developer to do coding that will work to fetch that information from the database and return it to the user.
Back end development has the task to do the performance of all the operations requested by the user, management of all the stored data in databases, returning all the information or data to the user and much more.

Some of the technologies used for back end development are:-

• PHP:- The Back end language can be used for web development. Php is supposed to be the best language for website development and is compatible with a number of databases.

• Java:- Java, the object-oriented language can be used to develop web applications, desktop applications, Embedded systems and mobile applications with Android.

• Python:- Using Python language we can do web development, Desktop development, Software development etc. Python is also an object-oriented language like Java having a variety of data types in it.

• Ruby:- The dynamic, reflecting and object-oriented general purposed language basically used for development of web applications.

• .NET:- .NET is actually the framework that will lead to web app development, mobile app development, and windows application development also. Its frameworks are combined with other languages like C#, C++, F# etc.

• SQL:- SQL is one of the most popular databases to store huge data or information in a stable manner. SQL can be used by the languages mentioned above for the storage of data in it.

These all back end languages have their own different features and uses for development of different applications. Back end development always needs to be according to the rules or guidelines of coding so that it becomes stable at the end with no chance of the clash. If a perfectly designed application has a bad back end work then it will just look good, it will not work well. Back end has a huge contribution to making good use of any application or website for users.

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