Ways to Get More Publicity for Your Business

Word of mouth is how most businesses survive in any industry. One customer recommends a store or website to another person who recommends it another person and so on. Every business owner must be active in generating good publicity using one or more of the following methods.

Press Releases

A press release is a public statement released to the media. A business that wants to announce a new product or service will use this promotional tool. Press releases can be attached to emails, posted as flyers on buildings or mailed directly to people's houses.

Social Media

Setting up one Web banner on a social media website could bring hundreds of people to your business. Getting optimal results is not always that easy, but you can get some attention by setting up a business profile and paying for one or two ads. Contacting random people is considered to be spam and not recommended. Set up a profile and respond after the person has contacted you.


This seems like the obvious solution because so many businesses have websites nowadays. However, there are some small business owners who don't realize the potential of going online. It's easier to get hundreds more leads and customers just by advertising online. The websites doesn't have to be expensive or elaborate, and many affordable starter options are available to small business owners.


A blog is run much differently from a website. It's a source of information that's updated frequently, whether it's every day or several times a month. A website has basic information about your company, but a blog has more detailed information about its products and services.

Attend or Host Public Events

Attend trade shows, seminars or business conferences where professionals meet and exchange ideas. Meet local professionals and form alliances that last for years. If attending an event is not enough, another option is to plan and host one yourself. This requires some investing of money, but you could get hundreds of new people to show interest in your company right way.

Obtain More Customer Reviews

The best way to get people's attention is to display your customer reviews. Every company has customers who share their opinions, whether it's Thrive reviews for a weight loss system or reviews for certain professionals like teachers or doctors. Encourage every satisfied customer to write a good review or make a referral. When more reviews are written, the more people will know about your company.

Target Your Marketing Campaign

Sending out thousands of press releases is all a waste of time and money if one aspect is overlooked. Target your publicity to a specific audience or else you'll contact the wrong people. Focus less on a standard marketing plan that everyone else has done. Sell directly to the people in need of your products or services.

Publicity is all about putting your business's name in the public spotlight. There are times when you need extra publicity for a special product or discount that you're offering. Become familiar with the methods that are guaranteed to give the well-deserved attention to your company attention.

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