Ways Using Telemarketing Can Help Your Business Grow

We live in the age of Internet, where there is little place for phone conversations. In fact, most people find texting and instant texting greatly preferable to actually having to talk to people. It’s true, calling is significantly less effective than it used to be, especially when you consider the use of voicemail, opt-outs and multiple layers in organizations and business that has made having an actual phone conversation with the other party simply harder.

This, however, doesn’t mean that the phone has been rendered obsolete, but rather that a more intelligent, blended approach to calling is required.

1.      Generating leads

If you want your company to grow, you will have to generate more leads. Here’s how it starts: the desire to sell product and services into a defined target market is born; precise targeting brings forth more chances of a campaign being successful. Things are similar with the marketing list – in the mentioned example, the leads are cold and the prospects aren’t really expecting at all. It is important that you realize that this type of appointment-setting exercises is capable of delivering an extremely good ROI!
The amount of telemarketing required for this might be frighteningly huge, but imagine being able to reach the marketing director of a huge international company with a proposition which they might actually end up accepting! Even if it took a year, this would be worthwhile!

2.      Taking back lapsed customers

A lack of internal resources can cause a company to lose touch with lower value customers, which renders them ‘lapsed’. By using telemarketing, you are increasing the chances of gaining significant new orders and leads and you are performing a customer-care role, which reduces the chances of these customers defecting to your competitors! If there is a base of customers you hadn’t heard from in 18+ months, be sure that they are probably feeling unloved and using telemarketing can turn this around.

3.      Research

These kinds of calls can bring a world of opportunities right to your doorstep, if you do things correctly. For example, a well-placed service or customer satisfaction research can really put things into perspective, things that would have otherwise not come out on account of your and your customers’ busy schedules.

4.      Outsourcing

If you’re running a business with a long list of clients, you know how difficult making those calls is. Deciding not to call your customers at all might seem like a good decision time-wise, but you can rest assured that it is not a smart one in long term. Of course, a large customer base will start demanding more time and dedication than you and your team can physically deliver, so outsourcing some jobs to professionals from The Pipeline, might be a smart idea – kill multiple birds (lead generation, sales, customer retention, events services, customer service, data enrichment, etc.) with one stone!

5.      Soft lead generation

Soft lead generation isn’t as well-known as cold-calling, but can be equally as relevant in the long run. This is a means of determining whether or not a prospect meets your criteria and has interest in talking further. There is a tightly-scripted approach, comprising of 4-5 relevant profiling questions before the final “Would you like to hear further from one of my colleagues regarding…?” question. This approach is useful, because it has more of a soft-sell, rather than an overt sales approach that some people seem to dread.

6.      Mystery shopping

Developing a thorough understanding of your competitors and their performance is of the absolute essence if your aim is growth. Evaluating what your competition offers might not be considered as telemarketing, but in order to approach telemarketing to begin with, you will need this sort of information!

Telemarketing is nowhere near dead. Even though modern people prefer texting, on account of a less personal touch, with little effort, you can use telemarketing as one of your biggest advantages!

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